Victoria Marshman

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Victoria Marshman

Client Spotlight: Victoria Marshman

Victoria Marshman is the Executive Director of City MOGULS, a platform that connects, educates and supports ambitious entrepreneurs. Victoria is obsessed with growth—becoming an even better person, showing up kinder and more compassionately, and building a business that will make an impact in the world.

Let’s rewind to earlier this year when Victoria thought she had things totally figured out. She woke up every morning at 6am, and followed a morning routine that fed her mind, body and soul. She had monthly vision and goal accountability sessions with herself. She stopped making to-do lists and started focusing on the three key priorities she needed to tackle each week.

But feelings of anxiety and overwhelm always lingered in the back of her mind. She was still struggling with perfectionism and producing the most flawless work possible. She was exhausted and on the verge of burnout.

Victoria finally realized that it was time to make a bold move and find some help. “My growth habits and self-care had gotten me this far,” she says, “but to really get to the next level, I needed someone in my corner who could be my Jiminy Cricket—a conscience that could guide me and give me sound advice.”

So she searched for her dream coach. She was looking for someone who could help her talk through her thoughts, who could give her insights on thought management, and who could set her on the path to mastering her mind.

The search was tough. Victoria found many incredible coaches who had so much to offer, but she found that “it’s really about that personality match combined with some universal connection that words can’t really describe.”

Victoria’s business partner, Dani Kagan, introduced her to Frame of Mind Coaching™.  Dani had discovered Frame of Mind Coaching™ through her doula, Chari Schwartz, who is also an FOM-Certified Coach. Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, spent some time getting to know Victoria first, ensuring that this was the type of coaching that Victoria actually needed, and then matched her with FOM Coach Dave Gorham.  

“Especially at the beginning of coaching, I would hear Dave’s voice in difficult situations telling me how to respond, react and cope,” says Victoria. Dave gave her a toolbox of resources and ways to think about things that helped her get through some of the most challenging months with her business, while continuing to stay positive, focused and able to ride out the waves.  

“Unlike many of the mentors I have in my life, Dave wasn't afraid to show me the vulnerable parts of myself and work with me to face them head on, accept them and embrace them as important parts of being me,” she says.

Most importantly, Dave reassured Victoria that just being herself really is enough. “Ever since having Dave as a coach, I have a lot more fun in life, take things less seriously and am living the life I truly want to.”

Here are a few of Victoria’s favorite aspects and takeaways from her coaching experience:

  • She had a weekly, 1-hour call with Dave plus she got to journal every day for 70 days; and Dave would provide feedback on each of her journal entries.
  • All of their coaching calls were recorded and put in the journaling platform, and she still relistens to them to this day.
  • She references the FOM Principles regularly and they have changed the way she looks at everything.
  • She learned how powerful her thoughts are and is beginning to master those thoughts and transform the way she thinks.
  • She walked away with countless tools, resources and exercises that are shaping how she leads City MOGULS and how she shows up in her world.

“I’m not sure City MOGULS would be where it is today without Frame of Mind Coaching™ helping me become a better leader and step into my greatness,” says Victoria. She is now able to show up more authentically, which allows her to serve others better as she has much more to give. “As a leader, realizing that I can't control others or how they feel has been liberating.”

Coaching also impacted Victoria’s personal relationships. Many of these relationships are now stronger because she’s more conscientious of how she reacts. She also takes more responsibility for her feelings and blames others less. 

As for Victoria’s exhaustion and perfectionism? “I worry less about the details, I trust that I will always figure it out and I know that things don't have to be perfect,” she says. “I've let go of the need to control every little detail and not to push myself on the hard days. I pause and make time for myself every day, which has boosted my energy.”

Victoria now recommends that fellow leaders and entrepreneurs find an executive coach. “Don’t try to figure it all out yourself,” she says. “You’ll waste so many years of precious time making avoidable mistakes.”

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