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Dani Kagan

Client Spotlight: Dani Kagan

Dani Kagan is the Co-Founder of Mave & Chez, a direct to consumer brand focused on ergonomic slippers for the fashion conscious woman. Mave & Chez has created the FIRST fashion-forward, all day slipper, backed by science. Prior to signing up for coaching in 2020, Dani was struggling to understand what she really wanted for the next chapter of her life. She had a number of big personal and professional transitions on her horizon, like starting her new company, and understood that she needed clarity. She was also looking for help on how to better approach tough conversations, how to manage becoming a new mom with a new business, how to handle challenging people in her life in a new way (the old ways weren't working) and how to create lasting and sustainable change.

It was around that time that she found out about Frame of Mind Coaching™ through her incredible doula, Chari Schwartz, who happens to be an FOM Coach. After an eye-opening intake call with President and Founder Kim Ades, Dani was matched with FOM Coach Becca Woodring Buttermore, and they hit the ground running.

“Becca came into my life when I really needed her, and she really got to know me,” says Dani. “She called me out on my bullshit yet was incredibly kind and had my back.” Becca helped Dani see how her personal and professional lives are intertwined, and how each impacts the other. “We worked through a lot of personal growth and mind blocks which have positively translated into my business.”

Coaching allowed Dani to challenge her beliefs and the stories she tells herself. She discovered that almost all of what goes on in her head can be shifted once she taps into her thinking. This new way of approaching her thoughts has caused massive improvements in both her personal relationships and her business life. She feels like having a coach in her corner has been an absolute game changer in the best possible way.

“As I have learned, the only major change I can make in my relationships is me,” says Dani. Since coaching, she has been showing up better (and sometimes differently) in many of her relationships, and those relationships have improved drastically because of her changed behaviors and attitudes. “I'm not perfect, and nor will I have perfect relationships, but I've really seen a positive shift in my business and personal relationships,” she says.

Though Dani journaled prior to coaching, she did not do so consistently and used her journal to reflect on her day rather than to explore how she wanted to show up in the world. Coaching taught her to dig deeper, to journal less about what she was doing, and to focus on the "how" and "why" instead. Dani also found it super helpful to have someone on the receiving end of her journals who challenged her, provided her with resources, and allowed her to dig deeper into her issues.

Since completing her coaching program, Dani has experienced firsthand how she can change her actions by simply being aware of her thinking. She has also found that what she learned through coaching has stuck with her — she relies on those lessons every day. Dani had tried therapy and other remedies in the past, which while helpful during difficult times, weren’t sustainable. She didn't gain the tools she needed to help her long term. Frame of Mind Coaching™ has given Dani those tools in a concrete way. “I'm so grateful for it,” she says.

As for gaining clarity on the next chapter of her life? “I was pregnant with my first child in the midst of a pandemic and really needed the guidance to figure out my next move,” says Dani. “I'm onto my next business and I feel like coaching was so integral in helping me make that incredibly challenging (emotionally and mentally) transition.”

On if she would recommend Frame of Mind Coaching™ to others, Dani says, Absolutely. I already have a number of times. I think this has been one of the most impactful things I have done for myself in the last decade.”

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