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Andrea Kirksey

Our clients are the key to really getting a good look at what coaching looks like. Learn more about Andrea Kirksey's experience with Frame of Mind Coaching™.

Andrea Kirksey

Client Spotlight: Andrea Kirksey

Betsy Stotler, co-owner and managing partner of Stotler Hayes Group (a law firm that represents health care providers), heard David Schnurman, CEO of Lawline and a Frame of Mind Coaching™ client, speak at a conference. Having known him for a while, she noticed that he seemed much more positive and optimistic, and when she asked him what had changed, he told her about his experience with Frame of Mind Coaching™. 

After hearing glowing reviews and reading raving testimonials online, Betsy decided to investigate, and shortly thereafter signed up for her own coaching experience with Frame of Mind Coaching™. Betsy, being the leader she is, offered several colleagues at Stotler Hayes Group the opportunity to be coached as well. Andrea Kirksey had been working for Stotler Hayes Group for six years by then, and took Betsy up on her offer.  

Andrea was paired with FOM Coach Wanda Slater, and it was a great match. “Wanda was super caring,” says Andrea. “She created a non-judgmental space and a feeling of safety.” 

Before coaching, Andrea was focusing more on the tasks she was juggling rather than delegating and empowering those around her. After working with Wanda, Andrea was better able to believe in her own value in the company and help those around her to do the same. 

“Wanda and I had some hard conversations, but I do better when I’m pushed,” she says. Andrea even keeps a series of sticky notes at her desk with “Wanda-isms” to remind her of what she learned during her coaching experience.

Wanda not only helped Andrea find a better path to professional happiness, but she also helped her personally. Wanda worked with Andrea to dramatically improve communication within her family. Andrea says that her coaching journey also helped to mitigate her feelings associated with imposter syndrome. Coaching even inspired her to work out again.

Andrea says that Frame of Mind Coaching™ provided the team at Stotler Hayes Group with a common language around thinking strategies. The team’s shift to a more open way of thinking was palpable and provided a path to take more strategic, calculated risks. Now there is more joy in every facet of Andrea’s personal and professional world!

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