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Adam Grant - The Leader

The Power of Frame of Mind Coaching™

Frame of Mind Coaching™ specializes in helping highly driven leaders, executives and entrepreneurs identify their blind spots and learn to direct their thinking so they can live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration and joy! Our incredible, certified coaches equip clients with the tools and framework for thought mastery using daily online interactive journaling coupled with 1-1 coaching. Many clients come to us with high levels of stress, strained relationships and lack of time management skills, and through coaching, they develop increased peacefulness, flourishing relationships and the capacity to achieve their goals. Here is the story of one such client…

Adam Grant - The Leader

Adam Grant had been working at a background investigations company for 15 years. He started from the bottom and worked his way up. He was very high up in the chain, was on a clear upward trend and was being noticed.

While his position, title and paycheck were all impressive, Adam was often stressed. After a long, tiring day at work, Adam had an hour long commute home. Once he got home, he would dump all his stress on his wife and then would crash without having spent any time with his daughter.

Adam wanted to do well at work so badly that his self-imposed stress was not only impacting his relationships with his family, but it was also impacting him physically. He was often sick to his stomach and he had sleepless nights and irritable bowel syndrome.

For years, Adam accepted this state: suffering from chronic stress and hoping that things would get better with time. It was Becca Buttermore, a coach from the Frame of Mind Coaching™ team, who finally helped Adam realize that after 15 years, things weren’t getting any better.

Becca helped Adam put his life into perspective and consider what really mattered to him – his wife, his daughter and his family. Becca gave Adam the confidence to quit his job and take a step back. She gave him the confidence to believe that things would be okay if he took some time to breathe and spend extra time with his family.

Adam Grant and his family

Adam was worried. He didn’t think he would be able to find another job at the same level and he didn’t think he could handle the pay cut. But what Adam realized was that it wasn’t worth it. The money, the job, the title... none of it was worth the stress, the physical pain and the impact it was having on his most important relationships. With Becca’s help, Adam quit his job and took that pay cut. He took some time to breathe and enjoy his loved ones. Within a year, he got another great job and another great position. Adam went right back up to where he was before, only this time, he was happier.

Although the external stress of his new job was still there, the team, the environment and the commute were better. Most importantly, Adam now had a toolkit to handle his stress. This toolkit that Becca provided was based on curiosity and assuming positive intent. Becca looked at the thoughts and beliefs that were getting in Adam’s way and helped move him to a more comfortable place. Adam was better able to handle his stress and leave his tension at the door before going home. He was able to stop dumping his stress on his wife and family. Adam took this toolkit and ran with it.

Despite the stress, Adam was no longer physically ill. He was no longer sick to his stomach from pressure and nerves. He no longer had sleepless nights or angered conversations with his wife. He had time for his daughter. After coaching, not only was Adam happier, healthier and had improved relationships, he found himself becoming a better leader. He uses this toolkit at least weekly and built his team on those principles. He turned a team that “had a history of conflict” into a team that “had a great culture.” Adam found himself becoming a coach. The Frame of Mind Coaching™ Principles have stuck with him for good. Maybe one day, he’ll decide to go further with his own coaching training.

“It’s hard getting someone like me – a strong leader with a big ego – to do coaching,” says Adam. “People like me think we can do everything ourselves and that we don’t need any help. But the truth is, Frame of Mind Coaching™ changed my world.” It gave Adam the strength to take some time off and revamp his life and relationships. “It’s hard to assess the value of coaching. The results are often intangible and hard to quantify. But if there is one tangible measure of change, it’s the physical difference I feel.”

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Frame of Mind Coaching™ is an extremely effective coaching methodology that has had a profound impact on the professional and personal lives of those we serve and on the coaching industry as a whole. FOM Coaching™ delivers deep, intimate, transformational coaching for highly driven executives, leaders and business owners who are determined to reach significant goals. Through a 10-week-long program involving daily journaling and weekly calls with a Certified FOM Coach, we help our clients shift their thinking so they may live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration and joy!

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