Journaling Exercises You Can Try Right Now

Here are five easy journaling exercises you can try that will help you get started (and become familiar) with the process of journaling.

Journaling Exercises You Can Try Right Now

So, you want to start journaling. But what the heck should you journal about?

It’s a question most people ask themselves when they first start journaling—fortunately, there are tons of prompts and journaling exercises to choose from. 

Here are five journaling exercises you can try right now that will help you get started (and become familiar) with the process of journaling. Once you’re comfortable with these, you can move onto more “free form” journals—or even create new prompts of your own!

5 easy journaling exercises you can try right now

1. Journal about a conversation you need to have

Sometimes we walk into situations where everything goes awry, and we don’t get what we want. With journaling, however, you can release yourself from the outcome of a conversation by writing how things would ideally turn out.

Try this now: pick someone you need to have a tough conversation with (a boss, your spouse, a close friend, etc.) and write about it. Pretend to be both yourself and the other person. How would things turn out if the conversation went exactly as you’d like? 

Doing this journaling exercise can help prepare you for those tough, real conversations when they happen. And by writing about the ideal version of that exchange, you can more effectively understand what you want out of those talks—and how to stay focused on your overall goal.

2. Journal about an ideal conversation

Journaling exercises are all about using your imagination… so why not journal with ANYONE in the world? Pick someone you’d be fascinated to have a conversation with. This can be literally anyone—living, dead, famous or otherwise. 

What would you ask them about? What would you love to know? What excites you about this person? And what would you get out of that conversation? The point of this exercise is to think outside the box and expand your notion of what’s possible.

3. Write a “shopping list” for your dream relationship

It’s hard to pinpoint why we keep the circle we do. Maybe you’re between romances, or maybe you’re looking to start a new friendship with someone. If you’re having a hard time finding the “right” people in your life, it can help to do journaling exercises about the traits and qualities you’d like out of a relationship.

The best way to navigate these situations is to make your very own “shopping list” of traits and qualities you’d like out of a connection with someone else. What do they look, talk and act like? What are their interests? How do they make you feel? What kinds of things do they say, eat and do for fun?

Knowing what you want out of a relationship with others is the first step to actually finding those traits in someone else—and not settling until you do.

4. Journal about the worst thing that could happen

We often let ourselves be ruled and dictated by our fears. To overcome those fears, it’s helpful to journal about the “worst case scenario” you’re afraid of.

What are you afraid might happen? How would you react to it happening? And most importantly, how would you overcome it?

While this journaling exercise might seem scary at first, the goal is to show you that even if the “worst” things happen, you’re smart and capable enough to carry on. Letting go of the fear associated with losing something is how you start living a life that’s centered around what you could gain instead. 

5. Journal about what you’re proud of

We don’t spend enough time thinking or talking about our achievements. Often, we finish something and roll onto the next thing without taking the time to slow down and reflect.

What have you accomplished so far? These things can be big or small. Maybe you’re proud of your kids, your relationship or a recent promotion. Or maybe you’re happy about getting better sleep and starting up an exercise routine. Count every win, huge or small, and tally them up. 

You’ll be surprised at how much there is to be proud of when you’ve finished this journaling exercise!

Journaling exercises can be fun, exciting and creative

The most important part about journaling isn’t what you write. Instead, it’s actually about consistency. The more you journal, the more clarity and insight you’ll have—and the more impactful journaling will become in your own life.

Give these journaling exercises a try now… and if they help, consider some of our other journaling tips and tricks

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