What is Frame of Mind Coaching®?

Frame of Mind Coaching® delivers intimate, intense and powerful Executive Coaching to highly driven leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. We help our clients experience personal and professional transformation at record-breaking speed. The results of their coaching experience ripples across every aspect of their life, from business to relationships to revenue to health. Our clients notice a dramatic impact in a very short amount of time.

The Philosophy

As a leader, your thinking plays the single most important role in determining your success. Everything you achieve (or struggle to achieve) stems from your thinking. When you work with your coach to become aware of the thoughts, perspectives and beliefs that are both propelling you forward AND holding you back, you are in a position of personal control and power, and your goals become clear and much easier to achieve.

The Platform

Our clients journal with their coach daily using our in-house, private, safe, and secure online journaling platform, JournalEngine®. Journaling in between coaching calls allows our coaches to efficiently observe your behaviors, identify your thinking patterns and quickly piece together the unique relationship between your thinking and the results you are getting.  All of this enables us to help you make the appropriate adjustments in order to reach unprecedented goals.

The Process

The Frame of Mind Coaching® process is intense, it’s intimate and it’s designed to help you move rapidly. We know that leaders appreciate speed and that is why we front-load our coaching with an intensive 10 week coaching period.

The People

Our coaches are successful leaders from a wide array of industries. At one point or another they found themselves facing business and personal struggles similar to yours and decided to hire a coach from the Frame of Mind Coaching® team to help them through it. As a result of their extraordinary journey as a client, they wanted to become an FOM Coach so that they too could share what they learned and help others to achieve the same kind of magic that they experienced themselves. They decided to apply to the Frame of Mind Coaching® Certification Program and after 18 months of study and practice and a grueling 3 hour exam, they became one of our exclusive FOM Coaches!

What We Cover

Let's take a look at just some of the things we cover in coaching.

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Whether it's revenue, profitability, performance, or strait-up leadership, etc... FOM Coaching® is here for you.

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No matter if you are struggling with a friend, a partner, a colleague or an employe we want to help you to improve your relationships.

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Great parents possess great coaching skills. Learn how to assume and assign positive intent with your children.

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Being a great leader means being a great coach. We teach leaders great coaching skills to take back to the office.

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Maximize Your Potential

The way you behave is a function of the way you think. Together we will shift your thinking to

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The other stuff

No matter what you bring to the table, our coaches are here to support you, challenge you and help you to grow.

What You Can Expect When You Book Your Call

The Complimentary Coaching Call

Complimentary Coaching Call

Our journey starts with a complimentary coaching call! Kim is eager to learn about who you are, what you are struggling with and what you are seeking to achieve so that she can personally select the best coach for you from our incredible and seasoned team of coaches.
Who will coach you?

Who will coach you?

You will be matched with one of our extraordinary FOM Coaches! Each one of our coaches began their journey with us as a coaching client seeking a giant leap forward. As a result of their deeply impactful and transformative coaching experience, they chose to get trained and Certified in the FOM Coaching® Methodology! They are committed to your growth as much as they are to their own. They are incredible and they can't wait to take the powerful coaching journey with you.
What is coaching like?

What is coaching like?

FOM Coaching® is an incredibly effective way to gain a MASSIVE amount of self awareness as well as come to a clear understanding of who you are, how you think, and how you operate so that you can effectively deal with your unique challenges and easily achieve the goals that are personal to you. An FOM Coach offers a safe environment in which to work through some of life’s difficult moments, both professionally and personally. You will find that FOM Coaching® offers an unparalleled opportunity to truly live up to your potential and find comfort in your own skin. 


Kim has completely revolutionized the way I function. She has helped me become a better CEO, business owner, leader, friend, son, father, husband and overall human being. You cannot put a monetary value on Kim’s coaching. I genuinely believe I would be out of business or in a very dark place if it weren’t for Frame of Mind Coaching®. I recommend Kim to everybody I meet that I feel can benefit from her services.
Stanley Meytin
Elevate Teams
Every weekly call and all the feedback I received on my journals has been about focusing on what I really want versus what I don’t want in my life in the areas of love, work, and family. Working with Kim has been like a drill, teaching me a new way to reach my dreams through a different frame of mind – all done with compassion, above average smarts, and exceptional coaching skills.
Michele Leduc
Best ROI ever! Taylor guided me through the forest to the vast, open field of possibilities. I would not be where I am now without his focused, insightful questions and his genuine compassion. I am truly grateful for him and Kim’s process, for helping me feel ALIVE, rather than just living a life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Jodi Leandro
I was doing work that I wanted to do, but I was frustrated with my company’s lack of growth. I was also taking care of my elderly mother, which demanded tons of my time and emotion. In addition to that, I was in a romantic relationship that wasn’t going anywhere. With so much going on, I didn’t know where to place my energy. Frame of Mind Coaching® helped me create clarity in my life. It taught me to constantly define my vision, and to refine it or make it bigger when needed. It’s been really energizing asking myself: what’s my vision, do I need to alter it, and is it big enough? It keeps me in the conversation about what I want for my future.
Nancy Knauf
Before the coaching process, I was completely lost and didn't know where to begin. Within just a week of starting the program, I started to see results. I loved the journaling aspect because it allowed me to just dump my feelings. And Chari was seriously the most comforting, warm, friendly person to have a regular chat with. I looked forward to each of our calls. One of the most tangible results from the coaching was that I was able to get a job, and conquer or at least attempt to conquer some big goals I'd set for myself.
Namrata Sirur
My coach attentively and skillfully guided me through the FOM coaching process, and I truly believe it was this regular, personal contact with her, that was the key to having this new way of feeling more natural and comfortable than the old unconscious, pre-programmed, harmful ways. For the first time in my life I feel right at home and completely comfortable in my own skin. And, after 25 years of struggling, at varying degrees, with addiction, this is very unfamiliar territory. But so good! Words cannot begin to explain my gratitude!
Eric Bean
A huge shout out to my coach. God has truly given her a gift and she totally got inside my head, which is a scary task (or it used to be anyway). Before working with a coach, I was in a constant state of worry, overwhelmed, unsure of my steps and un-trusting of my decisions. I was hopeless. Now I am much more peaceful in my mind. I don't worry and if something does pop in my head that isn't serving me, I have the tools to manage it so I don't have to get stuck. I am only responsible for my own thoughts and actions. When we started working together, she asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how clear I was on my purpose. I rated it as a 2. Today she asked me the same question and I rated it as a 10! Thank you for giving me the most amazing and precious tools ever to help me change the truths in my head. What we focus on grows for sure. My life has changed forever in the most amazing way.
Angee mith
I had a great coaching experience with my coach. One of my goals was to improve my thinking as an investor - a hobby of mine for many years. Talking through some of my tendencies during past crises, I was made aware of my habits and how I was being too negative. This awareness has allowed me to have a record year in 2020, even in the midst of a pandemic.
Chris Ng
Circle of Care
When I reached out to Frame of Mind Coaching®, I never expected the journey that would follow. Kim’s compelling words of wisdom are relatable to business leaders, parents, older/younger people and everyone in between. If you are looking to make some positive changes to live a more satisfying and rewarding life, take the first step. It’s amazing what you’ll learn about yourself and your frame of mind.
Betsy Jasper
Polar Bears International
I am feeling more satisfied with myself and with my life.  Life is looking happier and more peaceful to me. I feel that I’m starting to take better care of myself and I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I think that I will be successful with whatever I choose to do with my future. This is a point of major growth.Rebecca is an amazing coach and I feel blessed to have had to opportunity to get to know her. She’s helped me to see life very differently!
Alisa Smith
I know many others have already said this, but I love FOM because it has changed my life in ways I never imagined! And the exciting part is I’m not done. There’s always more to learn and grow from. This group is exceptional and outstanding in the areas of love and support!!
Tawny Maxwell
Looking back I see how fear filled I was. Today I see the past as a huge learning opportunity. The past, rather than to shrink back from, to be embraced as a pivotal point to thrust me forward. Every area of life has been opened to me in new and magical ways… how did that magic happen? In the first conversation with my coach, he forewarned me that magic would appear. The sceptic in me said, “I’m not sure about that.” Part of the joy is that this is a permanent change, not something unattainable or temporary, rather life long.
Dee McNamara
My coach helped me see that the only way I would benefit from the group is be showing up as myself and not holding back or hiding out. That was all it took. The group experience taught me a lot about myself and the outcome was unexpected. From being in the group coaching program, I gained a friend and an assistant. More importantly, I discovered that the best way for me to get what I want and need is to SHOW UP AS ME!
Nikki Buckelew
Seniors Real Estate Institute
Overall, coaching was a massive growing experience and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to recognize that I am already the person I want to be.
Hailey Rodgers
My time with Dave has transformed and rewired my thoughts/thinking significantly.
Kurtis McGeachy
It’s been years since we finished our last coaching conversation and yet the impact has not diminished. I recently listened to our first recorded call, and I was reminded how utterly lost I used to feel. I was drowning in a high-profile corporate leadership role. I knew I needed a change but couldn’t see how to do that. Once we connected, I decided I was worth “saving.” I jumped in head first and do not regret it. After only a few sessions, I could see more clearly, built a plan, worked it fearlessly and now, am experiencing my designed life. I hit all my goals, surpassed some, built my successors and changed to a position to do what I love every day, with my company’s support. Truly, the practice you helped me develop has sustained me. My view of the world and how I manage my experience was transformed. Those conversations in tandem with the journaling made the experience more efficient, and with my overwhelming responsibilities, effectiveness was imperative. I use the essence of my coaching experience every day.
Carla Webb
Ef Holzclau
Frank was a mentor to me through each step of the coaching process. Having someone demonstrate that they care about me and expect positive developments helped push me tremendously. This coaching has helped me handle numerous situations in which I used to become stressed and impatient. My new attitude has allowed my relationships to flourish. These relationships and my positive mindset have made my life as a whole lot more enjoyable and successful.
Dan Fiorito
I had never really considered having a coach or participating in a coaching program. After all, I was a very motivated, Type A personality who was a passionate business leader and successful entrepreneur. I prided myself on the strength of my drive and determination to accomplish anything put in front of me. This was until I started a new mortgage business. Self-doubt and anxiety set in. One day, I participated in a Frame of Mind Coaching® conference call. Something about the success principles outlined in that call inspired me to register. Perhaps there was something holding me back from accomplishing even more than I realized. My coach’s incredible depth of insight and supportive, caring leadership led me through a life altering transition in 10 weeks. My life has been transformed both in business and personally into a more rewarding, more peaceful and more prosperous life! My close relationships have deepened and will continue to grow. My business is thriving and will continue to prosper. Thanks to your program and my coach’s remarkable guidance, I am more in control of my life than ever before. My life has improved with the help of these powerful techniques. What can I say, it was more than I ever expected!
Barbara Smith
Before coaching, I was severely depressed and paralyzed with anxiety. I actually had to take a four week leave of absence from work. I am now having happier days; the anxiety has largely subsided and I have been able to resume my life and daily activities. I have started being the kind of father I should be to my boys again. I even auditioned for a local play and actually got one of the four available parts; I have never acted in my life. But the greatest effect has been that as I have learned to put my true self "out there" other people have started to respond to me more positively. It turns out that people really like who I really am, not the alter egos I used to portray. It just seems like things have really started to take an overall positive turn in my life. I have, for the first time in my life, finally realized that I am a pretty decent guy whom people really seem to like.
David Strejc
FOM Coaching has given me the insight, understanding and confidence to see things differently in my life and change my actions and reactions. I feel less stuck and scared. I have a clearer direction and plan for my future.
Elyssa Greisman
Technion Canada
Prior to coaching, when I faced indecision, I would put it on the backburner. I was in a constant state of anxiety. Coaching turned that all around. I am now able to think about my workload in such a positive way. I find myself extremely productive and able to clearly focus on what is in front of me. It was a fantastic experience. You own your own development, and this whole process was developmental in nature. I’m so glad that I did this. If you don’t invest in yourself, no one will.
Terrie Peters
Dollar Tree
This experience was absolutely a turning point in my life that I will never forget, a complete game-changer. The best part is that I use the tactics I learned every single moment now. I’ve embedded them in my second nature so quickly, to the point that I know this is not something that will go away. I really enjoyed every single journal I wrote, every comment I got to read, and most of all every call I had with my coach.
Jeff DeLoach
Arivs AMC
Thank you. This has been life-changing.
Heidi Reimer-Epp
Botanical Paper Works
I was at a crossroads in life. I was growing a new company. I was going through a divorce. I was in the process of moving cities. I’m also a stage four cancer patient and I fly to New York every two weeks for treatment. So there was a lot of flux in my life. It was tremendously helpful to have someone to be a partner in working out my different challenges. It was almost like having a good board member to report to; Kim gave me advice, pointed out different ways in which I could think about things, was truly honest and shared my victories with me. Ever since coaching, I am more deliberate with my thoughts and my actions.
John Shumate
Coaching helped me become more aware of who I am. It was really something different to be talking things out with someone so high-level as Kim. She helped me look at things in a positive light, and she helped me realize that I generally downplay my abilities and am hard on myself. I love the coaching-mentoring aspect. I got actionable steps that I was able to apply to my business and home life. In my professional life, Kim helped me with managing and working with others, especially during my transition from a founder to a CEO. I went through a tough time in my business, and if it wasn’t for my Kim, those three months would have been harder. Coaching helped me get focused and energized.
David Schnurman
Prior to Frame of Mind Coaching®, I had levels of anxiety that were difficult to overcome. Through the professional, well thought out process my coach was able to guide me through this process and help extract some long held beliefs that really were not mine. In conjunction with this I learned the most effective way to overcome these issues once and for all. I never thought I would make it to this point. It is such a relief to be on this side of the whole experience.
Mark Joyce
Before coming to Frame of Mind Coaching®, I was aware generally of my negative, toxic mindset, but had no idea how to get myself out of it. Through my excellent coach, I am now aware of new healthy perspectives on situations in my life. As a result, I am seeing a shift in my behaviors and attitudes. Life has become a curious, joy-filled experience instead of a fear-driven mess. I am uncluttering my thought life and my physical space, freeing myself to live in the moments of love and joy.
Kathy Key
I have to say that I feel like I’ve made more progress in the areas that I’ve wanted to improve in than any therapy that I’ve done in the past few years. The difference has been that not only have I been able to identify the issues that have been holding me back, but actually now have some wonderful tools that I can use to overcome them. And even though sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day or it’s a chore to do them, the power of journaling in undeniable and something that I want to continue to do as often as I can!
Mark Marshall
I started this coaching feeling very skeptical. Skeptical that I would get anything out of it like change. I had talked about my past before and did not notice or feel a change. I couldn't have been more wrong! I have always been a bit sharp around the edges with people, I felt like I had to protect myself from them, and I thought that's the way everyone felt inside. And then BAM!!!! After a few weeks of coaching I noticed I felt a peace surrounding me that I had never felt before. My words and tone became softer. My actions towards others became more peaceful and compassionate. Why had I not felt this before? I had always wanted to be THAT person, but never knew how. It just happened by surprise during this process. Yes, it is a process. It is a 10 week journey. A new journey. A journey that led me to a peace that I have never experienced before. And to my amazement, it has not left me! I wake up everyday and it is still there: PEACE. Tranquility. Liberation.
Camille Brinkman
I would like to recommend Frame of Mind Coaching® to anyone who feels the need to progress more in their life or to feel more satisfied from day to day work. I started my journey feeling that I am too far away from my goals, that I do not do enough and that I procrastinate too often. Chari helped me to understand that I am actually much closer to my goals than I would like to think, that I am actually living "the life" I wished for myself and therefore could start enjoying it more and the way towards a greater life. Chari showed me how to have more satisfaction on the road to achieving my goals and not just from the final outcome. She helped me realize that my fears are not based on reality and that exposing my weaknesses can only lead me forward faster and more happily and for that I am grateful. The journaling process helped me recover some things that I subconsciously buried inside of me and deal with them, it helped me express myself better to myself and helped me keep it all written down so I could go back and refer to it again and again. Highly recommended process and moreover extremely highly recommended coach.
Eli Barshap
Before Frame of Mind Coaching®, I was in a place of panic and anxiety about failing. I was struggling with finding the balance between who I was and what I felt others were expecting from me. Through coaching, I found that most of this anxiety was in my own head – I had conjured up this idea of what others expected. I learned to release the pressure and apply love. I learned that my fear was holding me back from asking good questions and leaning in on life. I am now trading up my thoughts, getting curious, and choosing to show up, each day. This has made a massive difference in my work, my relationships and my family.
Alice Shade


These are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, click the button below to contact us!
Where does the coaching take place?
In between weekly coaching calls, our clients also journal with their coach using our in-house private, safe and secure online journaling platform, JournalEngine®. We ask our clients to journal as a means of supplying valuable data to help us identify their patterns of thought, their beliefs, values, perspectives, and overall operating principles. Journaling allows our coaches to quickly understand what is getting in the way of your success and determine how to propel you forward. Journaling is a powerful coaching tool that allows us to accelerate your learning and development at an unprecedented pace. Our coaches read and respond to your journals in real time to drive the coaching process to incredible heights.
Who are your coaches?
Our coaches are successful leaders from a wide array of industries. At one point or another they found themselves facing business and personal struggles similar to yours and decided to hire Frame of Mind Coaching® to help them through it. As a result of their extraordinary journey as a client, they wanted to become an FOM Coach so that they could share what they learned and help others to achieve the same kind of magic that they experienced. They decided to apply to the Frame of Mind Coaching® Certification Program and after an 18 month period of study, practice, and examination, they became a valuable part of the FOM Team!
Do you have a coaching certification program?
Yes we do! It's the greatest coaching certification in, dare we say, in the entire world and you can learn more about it on our Certification page.
I am still unclear about the coaching process...how does it work?
The Frame of Mind Coaching® process is intense, it’s intimate and it’s designed to help you move rapidly. We know that leaders appreciate speed and that is why our program begins with 10 weeks of daily journaling and weekly coaching calls. The frequency of contact is implemented specifically so that your coach is able to really understand who you are, how you operate and what is vitally important to you. You will experience a refreshingly free, open and transparent relationship with your coach. You will be invited to be yourself, tell your truth and know that your FOM Coach is your greatest ally.
How much does the 10 week FOM Coaching® Executive Program cost?
Our 10 week intensive 1-1 Executive Coaching program costs $7500USD plus applicable taxes and pairs you with one of our incredible FOM-Certified coaches.
Do you have any corporate coaching programs?
We love working with corporations and world-wide organisations because having ALL of the leaders on your team receive coaching directly improves culture, performance, and overall results. Book a call with us to learn more about our corporate coaching services.

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