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Your thinking determines what you can achieve.

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Great leaders inspire greatness. I was introduced to Kim through a young woman who I had mentored. I was going through professional challenges and for the first time in my life, I wanted to get a perspective from the outside. All I can say is WOW!! My conversations with Kim and journaling has helped... read more

- Ginny Hershey-Lambert

About Frame of Mind Coaching™

We work with executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners and other highly driven, achievement-oriented people to help them reach new levels of achievement and to live outstandingly successful lives. Whether for business success or personal transformation, the foundation of Frame of Mind Coaching™ is that a person's thinking has a greater impact on their outcomes than any other contributing factor. As such, our Certified Coaches focus on the study and examination of a person's thoughts, beliefs, past experiences and perspectives in order to make sense of the results that clients achieve in their lives. Due to the impact of our coaches, our established coaching process, our platform and our unique focus, clients consistently experience exceptional personal transformation, business success and enhanced professional growth.


Our coaches are phenomenal.

Frame of Mind Coaching™ Coaches are at the top of their game and in a class by themselves. They are prepared. They are purposeful. They artfully walk you through the coaching process. They are by your side the entire time.

They Live It.

They Breathe It.

And they will help you transform at a mind-blowing pace.

It takes a particular kind of coach to make the grade.

And it takes a particular type of client to meet the challenge.


6 months, 18 calls, 18 hours of personal recordings and unlimited online journaling.

Why is journaling so important?

It’s intense. It’s dynamic. It’s deliberate. It’s about driving results.

Our process is designed to create an unprecedented level of personal insight necessary for clients to experience a radical change at an accelerated rate.

This is not for people who are scared to move forward or to try new things. It’s for people who are strong-minded and prepared to take a serious look at themselves in order to experience monumental results.


In between coaching sessions you are engaged with your coach via our online journaling platform – JournalEngine™.

JournalEngine™ changes the landscape of coaching by keeping you intimately connected to your coach in between coaching sessions, and also keeps you deeply engaged in the implementation of the concepts and principles learned throughout your coaching program.

JournalEngine™ is the gymnasium for your mind.

This platform will enable you to keep working on your Frame of Mind long after your coaching process is complete.


Very simply, Frame of Mind Coaching is laser-focused on your mindset.

We know that the one thing getting in your way is YOU.

Your thinking, your values, your beliefs, your experiences and your perspectives all come together to form your current results. By honing in on your thinking, epic transformation takes place in a very short period of time. The results ripple across every aspect of your life, creating colossal changes from relationships, to health, to revenue.

The most dramatic and tangible change is that our clients are overwhelmingly happier as a result of coaching.


I was at a point where I felt so frustrated, depressed, anxious, grouchy, and I couldn't get my head around it. My negative thinking was so bad that I couldn't figure out how to change it. After working with my coach, I feel like a new person. My thoughts are focused on what I want and the direction... read more

- Tawni Maxwell

About Our Coaches

  Frame of Mind Coaching™ Coaches themselves are  top executives, business owners and successful entrepreneurs. Every member of the Frame of Mind Coaching team started by successfully completing our coaching program as a client first, and then committed to a year-long training program to become certified as a Coach exclusively under our brand. Our coaches share not just powerful skills, but also the FOM Coaching™ Core Values that they commit to living and breathing on a daily basis. Click here to learn more about our team!

The Frame of Mind Coaching™ Core Values


GENEROSITY - Giving whatever we can to our clients exactly when they need it the most.

INTIMACY - Building an unprecedented level of trust with our clients.

LEADERSHIP - Leading by example and coaching leaders to have a profound impact on every community they touch.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Committing to our own personal and professional development as we simultaneously take a stand for the personal development of our clients.

INTEGRITY - Keeping our promises, conducting ourselves with honesty and transparency and *always* ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

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