What is a Discovery Coaching Call For?

Let’s look at all the ways that a discovery coaching call can help you get what you want out of an executive coaching program.
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What is a Discovery Coaching Call For?

What is a discovery coaching call for? Sometimes called a “coaching consultation call,” a discovery call is a form of exploration. At a very high level, it’s about finding a good match between a coach and a client. 

Sometimes your first call with a coaching company can lead to instant chemistry and quick results. Other times, it feels like finding a needle in a haystack: despite how badly you want executive coaching, you just can’t seem to find a coach you click with. 

In either case, having an initial coaching call is absolutely CRUCIAL to get the results you want out of a coaching program. That means they can’t just be skipped or bypassed (sorry!) for faster results. 

Today’s blog is all about the importance of discovery coaching calls. Let’s look at all the ways a call can help you get what you want out of an executive coaching program.

How does a discovery coaching call benefit me?

Think of a first coaching call as a first date. Much like dating, a coaching call is a way of discovering whether or not the person sitting in front of you—or, in this case, on the other end of a phone or screen—is right for you.

Coaching calls can help you:

  • Understand what problems you’re really trying to overcome
  • Learn the solutions to those problems (yep—great coaches don’t hide answers from clients… and if a coach does, that’s a red flag)
  • Uncover the coaching process a prospective coach will use to help you
  • Understand the coach’s unique coaching style
  • Learn what kinds of questions your coach asks
  • Get details on the length, cost and scope of the coaching program

Just like a first date isn’t a run-in with a snake oil salesman, a coaching call should not be a sales call. Why? Because coaches don’t want to work with just anyone. If a coach isn’t sure they can help you get results, they shouldn’t work with you. And bad results do not make for good business.

What will a coach look for in me?

Just like you, a good coach is looking for a good fit. For instance, FOM Coaches work best with high-achievers. People who are entrepreneurs, businesspeople, go-getters, “big ideas” people, ambitious young professionals, dreamers and anyone who wants more out of life. 

If that’s not you, we probably won’t determine you’re a great fit for us. Nothing personal! We just want to make sure you’re being supported. And if we’re not right for you, then perhaps another coach—or a therapist, mentor or other professional—might be. 

What will a coach ask me on a coaching call?

Some questions your prospective executive coach might ask you are:

  • What are you dissatisfied with right now?
  • What’s going on in your life that made you reach out?
  • What have you tried before, and how did it go?
  • What do you think coaching is like? What do you want it to look like?
  • How do you make decisions?
  • What are some of your core beliefs?
  • Do you have any negative beliefs that are holding you back?
  • Are you open to the prospect of coaching, or are you being pushed into it?
  • What would make a coaching experience a “home run” for you?

Most people come to coaching because they’re experiencing some kind of dissatisfaction in their lives. But being dissatisfied isn’t the same as understanding why you’re dissatisfied—you can know something is wrong without knowing exactly what is wrong.  

This is where a coach comes in. They’ll get to the root of deeper issues that you’ve yet to put a name to. They’ll help you do some deep digging and uncover what’s been lacking in your life so far. Most of all, they’ll work alongside you to craft the kind of beliefs that will help you achieve peace, happiness and ease. 

Is a coaching call only about reaching my goals?

Not necessarily! It’s a bit of a misnomer to think a coaching call is just about reaching your goals. With our coaching program, the goal is to help clients reach a life of much greater awareness, enlightenment, self-management and personal satisfaction. 

Usually, when this happens, goals DO get met… but as a byproduct of the coaching experience, rather than as the primary intent. 

Should I book a coaching call?

If you’ve gleaned anything from this blog, it’s that the only way to really know if a coaching program is right for you is by scheduling a coaching call. Our coaching philosophy, Frame of Mind Coaching™, is a lot different than most coaching programs—so if you’re considering us, you’ll definitely want to book a call.

Go ahead! See what we’re like. Give us a “first date.” If you like what you hear, then maybe we’re meant to be!

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