What Can Coaching Improve?

What does executive coaching do for you? Here are 5 benefits of coaching for executives and leaders.
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What Can Coaching Improve?

Yes, coaching looks impressive on a resume. And it’s a nice topic of conversation for dinner parties. But what does coaching do for you, exactly?

If you’re wondering this, you’re not alone. While the benefits of coaching are plentiful, other executive coaches don’t always do the best job of explaining what they help people accomplish. That’s because while coaches are wonderful career aides, not all of them are the best PR professionals. 

Fortunately, we’re a team of top-notch career coaching experts who are also interested in communicating the amazing benefits of what we do. If you’re wondering whether or not career coaching is right for you, here’s a quick rundown of what executive coaching does, its rewards and how it can improve your standing as a career professional. 

What does executive coaching do?

Our executive coaching does more than just help you accomplish your goals. With executive coaching, you gain an enormous increase in self-awareness by coming to a clear understanding of who you are, how you think and how you operate in order to address your blind spots and challenges. It’s entirely unique based on the individual, and that’s what makes it effective. 

What does coaching cover?

Coaching covers all sorts of aspects about your life. While some coaches like to focus on individual facets of someone’s personal or professional life, our approach is more holistic. We like to look at your leadership, performance, business, relationships, parenting and personal life in order to identify and challenge limiting beliefs. Nothing is off the table, because everything about you matters. 

What does executive coaching NOT cover?

People mix them up often, but coaching isn’t like therapy. Coaching doesn't focus solely on your past mistakes or flaws. It’s not a deep-dive into all your past traumas. Instead, executive coaching is future-focused. We’ll talk about your goals, what you want out of your career coaching experience, and how you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

What can coaching improve?

The benefits of coaching are vast. Once you’ve experienced executive coaching, you will:

  • Feel more confident about the decisions you make, and you’ll make better decisions overall.  
  • Find greater peace and comfort in the world, and appreciate your role within it. 
  • Overcome challenges and hurdles in your life more effortlessly than before.  
  • See that people around you have noticed changes within you—what’s more, you’ll gain a greater sense of harmony toward the most important relationships in your life. 
  • Notice tangible results, such as a higher salary, promotions, more meaningful romantic connections, better opportunities and more. 

What does coaching look like?

Our coaching starts with a complimentary coaching call. During that session, you’ll talk about your life, your current struggles and what you’re looking to get out of coaching. We’ll demonstrate our coaching approach, and should you decide to move forward, you’ll be paired with an executive coach who best matches your goals and needs.

Once you’ve been paired with your coach, you’ll undergo an intense process that helps you tackle your goals quickly and with assurance. Our coaching program is designed to be extremely efficient—it starts with just 10 weeks of daily journaling and weekly coaching calls—in order to align with the fast-paced schedules of our clients, who are business leaders, c-suite executives and other highly driven professionals. 

Of course, all coaching programs are different. For instance, while some programs simply involve weekly calls, our approach incorporates intense online journaling alongside frequent calls to provide a truly 24/7 coaching experience. You never stop so neither should we—and that’s why our journaling service is an always-on, always ready platform for your use. 

When is coaching right for me?

Why start coaching now and not later?

Because leaders don’t wait until later.

Because the leadership that is causing your employees to quit now can’t be addressed later.

Because friction and tension in your life shouldn’t be put off until later.

Because family challenges shouldn’t start being a priority later.

Because you deserve to live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration, fulfillment and joy now.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know if you’re ready for executive coaching.

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