Are You Like Trevor?

Do you have it all but wish you had more time for exercise, hobbies and the “fun” stuff?

Trevor Daniels

The Local Hero

A story of success vs. sacrifice

The Story

Trevor is the CEO of a local restaurant. He makes a good salary, lives in a beautiful home and loves to cook and grow his garden! Since COVID hit, he has had to shift his business strategy to stay alive. He has been working so hard that he has not had any time to spend doing the things he loves. 

The Struggle

With no personal time, Trevor is stressed, anxious and resentful of the path he has taken. He has gained over 10 lbs and hasn’t seen his closest friends in over a year. The company has been surviving but his quality of life and his overall happiness has decreased significantly.

The Solution

We see this sort of thing so often that we gave it a name…“SLIPPAGE.” Working with an FOM Coach would enable Trevor to identify how his thinking has caused him to let some of the most important things slip through the cracks and it would help him develop a strategy to start rebuilding the life he loves. 

How We Coach

If you are like Trevor, then you are doing an amazing job at some things but are losing the greater battle. Great leaders need to take care of themselves first in order to take care of their company. Through our 10-week process of 1:1 coaching, daily journaling and weekly calls, you will explore how your thinking is impeding you from having all of the success AND all of the fun.

About Frame of Mind Coaching™

Frame of Mind Coaching™ is an extremely effective coaching methodology that has had a profound impact on the professional and personal lives of those we serve and on the coaching industry as a whole. FOM Coaching™ delivers deep, intimate, transformational coaching for highly driven executives, leaders and business owners who are determined to reach significant goals. Through a 10-week-long program involving daily journaling and weekly calls with a Certified FOM Coach, we help our clients shift their thinking so they may live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration and joy!

Seal the Deal

An FOM Coach can help you gain clarity about what you want your life to look like and how to get there. You can try to do it on your own, or you can work with someone who has tremendous experience helping leaders get extraordinary results. If coaching sounds like it could make a difference in your life, fill out the form below to book a complimentary coaching call. Ask all the questions you want and evaluate whether or not FOM Coaching™ is the right fit for you.