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“High performers simply decide what it is they want to achieve, so the only question is ‘how are we going to get there?’ as opposed to settling for what’s happening today and saying ‘that’s all that can be.’”

-J V Crum III, Founder of Conscious Millionaire and top podcaster

Becoming a Top Podcaster

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How J V became a top podcaster.
  • His system-based routine that keeps him and his team productive.
  • How to leverage hashtags in your social media posts.
  • Social media strategies for podcasts.
  • How high performers can reach even higher success.
  • The importance of celebrating your success before moving on.

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Show notes:

How to Become a Top Podcaster
J V’s podcast, Conscious Millionaire, reached 150,000 downloads in its first month. In 2017, it was named by Inc Magazine as one of the top 13 business shows. He now has 7 podcasts, records 7 shows a day and releases 7 shows a week. The secret to becoming a top podcaster? A positive mindset and constantly trying new marketing strategies to determine what works best.

Top Performers and Downtime
“People who are hyper successful are dedicated to becoming their best, and their best today is different from their best tomorrow,” says J V. The problem with this, he says, is that they are always trying to reach a new summit without taking any time to rest or to celebrate the summit they just reached.

The Flaw of Realism
J V and Kim discuss how being realistic stops us from living an ideal life. As J V says, “When we say, ‘Be realistic,’ what we’re really saying is, ‘settle for the beliefs that we’re holding today based upon the results that we got yesterday.’ And if we stay in that world, we’ll never get to the new summit because we won’t even believe it exists.”

Staying Positive Through Adversity
During and after J V’s heart attack in February, he stayed positive, enabling him to recover despite his doctors’ concerns. He continuously told doctors and nurses that he was going to recover, and discussed with them how they were going to make that happen. In his interview on Resilience Radio, he describes losing weight as difficult for him to do, to which Kim reminds him that if he was able to tell himself that he could recover from a heart attack, he can tell himself the same story about weight loss!

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