Are You Like Tim?

Are you crushing it but know deep down that something doesn’t feel right?

Tim O'Brien

The Man

A story of success and grieving

The Story

Tim has the job. He has the car. He has the husband. He has the house he always dreamed of. But something is missing. Something doesn’t feel right. These days, every time he goes out with his husband, he has an anxiety attack. It wasn’t always like this...until Tim’s mom passed away.

The Struggle

While Tim had all the makings of a successful entrepreneur while he was growing up, he had a rough relationship with his mom. She raised him well and always loved him, but for some reason Tim never came out to her and it’s starting to really affect his happiness.

The Help

In coaching Tim, we help him to understand the reason that drove him to stay silent about his relationship. With that knowledge in place, we guide him to change the narrative he has surrounding his mom. What does he tell himself about the nature of their relationship? Are there any regrets or issues that went unaddressed? By working on this together, we help Tim improve his relationship with his husband and how he deals with his past.

How We Coach

Having the courage to dig deep and examine how we think is the first step in the process of changing the way we see any situation, especially the situations that hold us back. The Frame of Mind Coaching™ process enables clients to move forward at incredible speed. Such is the case with a client like Tim. His past has been eating him up for years and is getting in the way of his feelings of calm and happiness. Coaching allows Tim to reframe his relationship with his mother in a way that allows him to come to a place of peace and helps him build a relationship with his husband that is truly connected. 

About Frame of Mind Coaching™

Frame of Mind Coaching™ is an extremely effective coaching methodology that has had a profound impact on the professional and personal lives of those we serve and on the coaching industry as a whole. FOM Coaching™ delivers deep, intimate, transformational coaching for highly driven executives, leaders and business owners who are determined to reach significant goals. Through a 10-week-long program involving daily journaling and weekly calls with a Certified FOM Coach, we help our clients shift their thinking so they may live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration and joy!

Seal the Deal

FOM Coaching™ is an incredibly effective way to deal with unaddressed emotions and create a future that is free of negative past experiences. An FOM Coach offers a safe environment in which to replay some of those difficult moments, in order for you to finally come to terms with them and understand the role and the impact they play in your life.