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The Frame of Mind Coaching™ knowledge centre features critical skills that bridge the gap between good leadership and PHENOMENAL leadership. The fact remains that phenomenal leadership begins and ends with phenomenal coaching. Period. End of story.

4 Critical Parenting lessons That No One Ever Taught You

4 Critical Parenting Lessons that No One Ever Taught You Age 3 – My daughter was jumping on the couch and when I told her to stop, she didn’t listen.  At first I asked her nicely, and then after 3 or 4 times, I started to get frustrated and I raised my voice.  The...

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How to Make Great Decisions

How to Make Great Decisions Making great decisions that lead to great outcomes ALL of the time is nearly impossible. There are simply too many factors that are out of our control to deliver a perfect decision-making score every day, every month, every year. Things...

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How to Pick an Executive Coach

How to Choose an Executive Coach As an entrepreneur or a C-Suite leader, there is a ton of data to suggest that working with a coach –  an executive coach, a business coach, a strategic coach, a leadership coach or a personal development coach – can be a game changer...

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The 14 Journaling Strategies

The 14 Journaling Strategies of Highly Impactful Leaders Why Journal? The benefits of journaling are countless. People who journal every day experience better mental health, heightened productivity, lower stress, increased clarity and a greater sense of peace....

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The 7 Thinking Traps

The 7 Thinking Traps As a leader, you are not just responsible for your performance, but the performance of your team. With so much riding on you, it's easy to get caught up in projects and meetings without taking the time to consider your successes and where you may...

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