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“I understood that even though the ground was shaky, there was a core in me that was completely unchanged.”
-Susan Finerty

How to Get Your Business Out of a Rut with Susan Finerty

Susan Finerty, owner of Finerty Consulting, faculty member of University of Wisconsin and author of Master the Matrix: 7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations and The Cross Functional Influence Playbook, shares how she ramped up her business after the well had seemingly run dry. She and host Kim Ades also discuss how to stay motivated and engaged as a seasoned business owner.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we discuss how to:

  • Acquire contracts from huge organizations.
  • Navigate working in a company with many managerial layers.
  • Write a book that skyrockets your success. 
  • Build relationships in your organization to increase productivity. 
  • Keep yourself motivated, engaged and growing.


Take a Listen!

How to Stay Motivated with Kim Ades and Susan Finerty

Here is a super interesting snippet of our conversation! See transcription (20:58 – 26:40):

Susan Finerty: How do people who are not ready for retirement but who are well into their career keep themselves fresh, motivated, interested and passionate instead of completely changing course? How do we keep it relevant when we are further into our careers?

Kim Ades: That’s a very interesting question. If you’re growing on a personal level, you’re always relevant, fresh and engaged. 

For me, I can coach people with my eyes closed. It’s not something I need to ramp up for or feel completely stressed about, it’s something that comes naturally to me. So now I need to ask myself, “How do I keep myself growing, personally?”

I say to myself, “OK, I’m really great at coaching, I have a team of coaches, I’m teaching them and I’ve created a formula and a framework that I’ve passed along, but how do I continue to grow? How do I continue to scale? How do I become a leader of not just my practice, but of my business? How do I grow my business?”

And so now, a whole different kind of thinking comes into play. Now you’re thinking strategy, you’re thinking business development, you’re thinking growing a team. You’re thinking, “How do I take what I do and actually offload it to others so that I can keep growing?” Because if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re not growing.

Susan Finerty: That is a great question, and it’s an interesting one for me as I consider myself to be a subject matter expert. I don’t think I realized this until you said it, but my vision was to be deep in one subject, but that doesn’t mean I can’t focus on other things too. I’ve gone so deep that now I need to go broad again, which is a great way to think of it.

Kim Ades: Do you need to go broad with the subject matter, or can you go broad with building out your expertise? In other words, how many lives can you touch with this expertise and what kind of infrastructure do you need in place in order to grow that way? 

For me personally, I have a team of coaches and I am 100,000 percent confident in handing them a client and knowing that the client will have an extraordinary experience. So now the next question is, “Where do I want to grow personally? What’s next for me?”

When we coach people, we ask them to journal. And when they journal, we ask them very probing questions. Some of the questions I might ask you are, “What makes you feel like you’re growing? What excites you? What ignites you?” Pay attention to your interactions and your day-to-day operations and ask yourself these questions.

Susan Finerty: Right.

Kim Ades: And journal about it! Consider what might help you feel like you’re growing, and if you don’t know, take a guess. For example, a lot of people have said, “Kim, you should do a TED Talk,” and I know the minute that somebody says that, I feel scared and nervous. But then I think, why not? What would it take? Is that what I really want to do? And I kind of toy around with it. So for you, the real question is, “Where do I want to grow next, personally?”

Susan Finerty: Right. Exactly. That is great advice.

Kim Ades: I want to say thank you, first of all, for spending some time with us today, for sharing your story and for sharing your expertise. I think the question of navigating complex organizations is an important one. 

I personally don’t just run a business, but I have five kids. We’re in a blended family, we’re an amazing group and sometimes it’s complex. So I’m thinking about how your content might apply to step families, blended families and complex family organizations.

Susan Finerty: Because it’s all to do with humans, right? Whether they’re at home or they’re at work, the bottom line is they’re all humans. A lot of it absolutely does apply to families.

Kim Ades: Before we go, I want to say to our audience, we have an incredible year ahead of us! For many of you, that means that you have big challenges and big goals ahead of you. I invite you to learn a little bit more about Frame of Mind Coaching™ by scheduling a call with us to learn about what we can do with you, for you and in partnership with you. Please test us out, see what it’s like to journal, have your journal read and experience the magic of our coaching.


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