Resilience Radio

Crushing the Tough Stuff

Resilience Radio is a podcast about leveraging your thinking to overcome life’s challenges. We feature the unique and moving stories of business leaders and how they were able to move through their adversity and achieve success. Your host is Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™. Kim uses her intuitive interviewing style to ask the tough questions and to go deeper than most other interviewers, extracting practical advice and life lessons. Be sure not to miss the end of each episode as Kim offers her guests a chance to ask any question they have for her, often related to a current challenge they are facing or a venture they are pursuing. You’ll get a taste of the unscripted, on-the-spot coaching we give to our clients!

125: Different Circumstances…Same Problem With Kim Ades

INSIGHT OF THE WEEK “If your happiness is dependent on someone's cooperation, then you will always be at the mercy of someone else, and that's not a great way to live.” -Kim Ades Different Circumstances... Same Problem In this podcast we look at three completely...

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124: From Brain Injury to TED Talk with Michelle Mras

INSIGHT OF THE WEEK “Not only did TEDx explode everything (in a good way), it gave me direction.” -Michelle Mras From Brain Injury to TED Talk With Michelle Mras Michelle Mras is a TEDx speaker and a coach who lost the ability to communicate for 9 months after a brain...

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E122: The #1 Habit of People who are Financially Stable

  INSIGHT OF THE WEEK “I've noticed that people who are financially stable only splurge on what they're passionate about.”-Benoit Poliquin The #1 Habit of People who are Financially Stable with Benoit Poliquin Benoit Poliquin is the CEO and Lead Portfolio Manager...

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E119: How to Overcome Business Obstacles with David Long

  INSIGHT OF THE WEEK “Don’t fight bad things in your life, focus on good things.” -David Long, Founder of SageTea Software How to Overcome Business Obstacles   David Long is the CEO of SageTea Software, a custom computer software company that specializes in...

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