Resilience Radio

Crushing the Tough Stuff

Resilience Radio is a podcast about leveraging your thinking to overcome life’s challenges. We feature the unique and moving stories of business leaders and how they were able to move through their adversity and achieve success. Your host is Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™. Kim uses her intuitive interviewing style to ask the tough questions and to go deeper than most other interviewers, extracting practical advice and life lessons. Be sure not to miss the end of each episode as Kim offers her guests a chance to ask any question they have for her, often related to a current challenge they are facing or a venture they are pursuing. You’ll get a taste of the unscripted, on-the-spot coaching we give to our clients!

E131: Being a Startup Mogul with Gary Fowler

Being a Startup Mogul with Gary Fowler  Gary Fowler is the Co-founder of, a revolutionary company that uses AI to reduce staff loss, save money and increase sales. He is a serial entrepreneur with 10 startups under his belt, including a successful IPO. He also...

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128: Making Values-Based Decisions with Rodney Wilts

INSIGHT OF THE WEEK “When we make a decision, it doesn’t have to be a decision for life. The idea that ‘we’ve made this bed and we need to lie in it’ keeps us stuck.” -Kim Ades Making Values-Based Decisions with Rodney Wilts Do you find yourself making decisions that...

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126: Finding Massive Success With Your Passion

INSIGHT OF THE WEEK “Those who are massively successful are extraordinarily passionate about what they do. In fact, that is probably the most foundational and fundamental factor of their success.” -Kim Ades Finding Massive Success With Your Passion Is it realistic...

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