“I ask my clients to take ‘strategic think time’ to try to create their very best scenario − if they could wave a magic wand, what would their life look like?”

-Katherine Halpin, Founder and CEO of The Halpin Companies

Thinking Strategically to Grow Your Business

America’s #1 Growth Hacker, Katharine Halpin, discusses how to assess the strengths of your team members and get the most out of them. She also reveals how she helps her clients tap into the power of their thoughts to grow their business, and shares her methods for helping them think strategically.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • An assessment that will help identify your team’s strengths.
  • How to create a work environment where people feel safe to speak their mind.
  • How to stop being overly judgmental of others.
  • A powerful exercise that will help you overcome your limitations.
  • How to think strategically to grow your business.
Katharine has been helping business leaders accelerate the growth of their companies by getting their people focused on the right priorities and getting the right people into the right roles since 1995. She excels at helping them move from a reactive mindset to a proactive, strategic mindset quickly and consistently.
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