“Your business runs on hundreds and hundreds of decisions. Instead of micromanaging, get people so aligned that they make decisions that are as good or better than [decisions] you would have made yourself.”

-Jeff Moore, Business strategist and CEO coach

Should Your Team Make Decisions For You?

Business strategist and CEO coach Jeff Moore joins the program to discuss the importance of forming alignment within your company. Jeff shares how to create a culture of high performance by hiring the right people and how to ensure that all of your team members are working together effectively.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • The benefits of removing yourself from your business.
  • How to hire employees who are aligned with your deepest values.
  • How to get all of your team members functioning well together.
  • How to rebuild your company after a major financial setback.
  • The most important qualities of successful entrepreneurs.

Jeff is a business strategist, CEO coach, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He helps entrepreneurs achieve phenomenal success by getting right to the bottom of issues and capturing their essence in exactly the right words. The effect is so powerful that everyone in the business starts seeing things in the same, new way.

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