“When there is no risk, there is also a very small reward. There has to be some risk as we build lives we desire.”

-Darren Kittleson, Real estate veteran,

Taking Risks and Moving Forward After Loss

Real estate veteran, TEC member and past FOM Coaching client, Darren Kittleson, shares his story of taking risks and rebuilding his business after being wiped out financially during the recession. Darren also reveals how he dealt with losing his partner to AIDS while building his business, and how he has focused on scaling up his organization so he can free up more of his time. Kim shares how to shift your thinking to find common ground and move past disagreements with a business partner.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • What to look for when scouting for talent.
  • How to recover from hiring the wrong person.
  • Why you need to give yourself time to grieve.
  • How to stop playing it safe and take risks.
  • How to scale up your business so you can step away from it.

Darren is a 27 year veteran of the residential real estate industry. He has a passion for helping real estate agents build great businesses. He is an expert in coaching, real estate, business, motivation and peak performance with experience in real estate and sales.

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