“My biggest stressor is putting myself in survivalist situations because it’s what I’ve known my whole life. As much as it’s terrible for my health, it’s comfortable for my brain.”

-Jennifer Carver, Award Winning Field Sales Manager for PCNA

Surviving and Succeeding After Childhood Abuse

Award Winning Field Sales Manager for PCNA, Jennifer Carver, shares how she survived sexual abuse in her childhood and became a successful sales professional. Jennifer also shares sales tips for business professionals and how her childhood experiences impact her life today. Kim shares the importance of noticing and changing the stories that we tell ourselves, and how those stories can hold us back in our life and career.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to overcome childhood trauma.
  • How to get a high close rate from cold calls.
  • A powerful way to build trust and connection with your clients.
  • How the stories you tell yourself impact your life and career.
Jennifer Carver grew up in rural Nova Scotia, working in various minimum wage jobs before earning her BBA. After a failure to launch in the banking industry, she moved to Toronto with nothing more than a single suitcase and a friend’s basement to live in. Sixteen years later, she is a successful and well recognized rep.
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