“We realized that what we were doing was working because we were telling stories about people – genuine, authentic stories that evoked emotion. One of our videos got 100,000 views and another one got picked up by Upworthy and got 350,000 views. People related to it.”

-Stanley Meytin

Telling Stories to Increase Revenue

Stanley Meytin joins the show to share how he made a radical shift in his business, allowing him to enjoy his work again and find purpose in the process. He also reveals why most brand communication is too generic and how to effectively tell stories to increase sales and connect with decision makers.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • Taking a leap from your current business model into one that’s more satisfying.
  • Communicating in ways that really connect with your target market.
  • Shifting your brand messaging from product to people to drive revenues.
  • How to boldly get the attention of CEO’s and decision makers.
  • How to think in ways that allow you to dramatically increase your productivity.

Stanley is the Founder and Creative Director of True Film Production, a New York City-based video production company that creates videos for businesses and brands all over the world. Known for his creative and visual storytelling, brand-building and digital marketing expertise, he has helped many businesses establish their company image and transform into iconic brands.

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