“We’re taught to pay attention to pain, but we’re not taught to pay attention to when we’re feeling good.”

-Morry Zelcovitch

Productivity Hack – Alter Your Brain Chemistry

Morry Zelcovitch joins the program to discuss how he healed from anxiety, depression and suicidal urges through audio brainwave entrainment, which uses sound to alter brain chemistry. He also shares how he was able to use this audio technology to create a business that helps others.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to overcome depression and anxiety without medication.
  • How to draw from personal challenges to create new products and services.
  • How sound frequencies can alter your brain chemistry and make you happier and more productive.
  • How to tap into your inner drive and motivation.
  • What may be making it harder for you to help others.

Morry is the creator of a new proprietary technology/methodology that uses sound to evoke certain brainwave states. TMM (The Morry Method) is a specially designed audio recording system that incorporates brainwave entrainment as well as other audio/neural technologies to increase the listener’s brain power.


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