“I chose to spend every waking moment [in prison] improving myself. I knew that if I was going to have a chance, I would have to use every single day inside the prison to prepare myself for the opportunities I would have when I got out.”

-Mike Pisciotta, Marketing Strategist

From Prison to Prosperity

Online marketing strategist and e-commerce brand builder Mike Pisciotta shares his story of being incarcerated for 10 years. He and Kim discuss what life was like inside prison and how he used his experience to better his life and ultimately find success. Kim reveals how she helps highly driven leaders take responsibility for their own actions and increase their ability to handle challenges that come their way.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • The power of Facebook ads for developing business leads.
  • How Mike dealt with conflict while incarcerated.
  • How to improve yourself no matter what situation you’re in.
  • How to take your life back and set yourself up for success.

In the almost 9 years since his release from prison, Mike has overcome societal stigmas and numerous failures to build several successful businesses alongside his partner and wife Robin. He believes that if he was able to achieve success and financial freedom, anyone can.

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