“We had 750 square feet of run down office space and a folding cardboard table that bounced when I typed. It had the feel of a startup, but with the backing of a significant organization. We were very supported, but also out there on our own.”

-Michael Blackman, Associate at RJC Engineers

Starting a New Division Within an Existing Company

Michael Blackman, an Associate at RJC Engineers, joins the podcast to discuss the challenges and opportunities that came along with moving to a rural area and starting a new division of the company he works for. Michael shares the lessons that he learned from this experience, how to balance technical and sales roles and how to build a successful team that can adapt to different work environments.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • The challenges and opportunities of living in a rural area vs. an urban center.
  • Why technical staff should develop marketing and sales skills.
  • What it takes to start a new division within a company.
  • How to teach your team to work with different work cultures.
  • How to build a business that doesn’t require your presence.
Since joining RJC Engineers, a structural engineering, building science and restoration company, Michael has developed a diverse background of experience working on new and existing buildings. The projects under his direction range from individual building evaluations through to multi-discipline seismic upgrades, new project designs, structural restoration and construction projects.


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