“If you are trying to break the $5 million mark eventually, you need more than hope. Hope is a great thing, but it’s not a strategy.”

-Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union

The $10 Million Marketing Strategy

Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, shares how to create an effective digital marketing strategy that converts prospects into loyal clients, and how to grow your business to $10 million in revenue and beyond. He also reveals the thinking patterns that enabled him to overcome grief, grow his business and lose 95 pounds.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • Three simple steps to creating a digital marketing strategy.
  • How Joe grew his own business and his tips for staying “mojovated!”
  • How he overcame the grief of losing a child.
  • How he used Facebook to lose 95 pounds.
  • Why empathy doesn’t help others, it swallows you up!

Joe is a business strategist, a marketing expert and a certified Google trainer. He is also the host of three podcasts: The Breakthrough MazeINC 5000 Podcast and CEO Mojo.


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