“At some point, people come around and realize that they were being manipulated, and once they wake up, connections can be re-established.”

-Len Oppenheimer, President of The Golden Box

Maintaining Hope After Losing Contact With Your Children

Len Oppenheimer, President of The Golden Box, shares how he is coping with his children refusing to be in contact with him since his divorce. Len and Kim discuss how he has been able to maintain hope and optimism after not seeing or speaking to his children for over a year. Kim also shares her advice about leading from consensus when it comes to making business decisions.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to take a family business to the next level.
  • The unique challenges of running a family business.
  • How Len is coping with the fact that his children stopped speaking with him.
  • What gives Len hope for his future relationships with his children.
  • How to make business decisions with your team.
Len’s purpose is to create deep and meaningful relationships through shared experiences. Some of the most notable stops on the path of learning have been as a father of his two sons. As a business owner, his company has endured ample challenges and opportunities for success. He is also the Deputy Mayor of the Village of Hewlett Harbor and is currently elected to his 6th consecutive term.
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