“I invited bigger names than me to join my LinkedIn group because I wanted it to be a destination for great people.”

-Tsufit on her LinkedIn group

How Your LinkedIn Group can Bring in Leads

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to switch from an established career to pursuing your passion
  • A unique approach to the 30 Second Pitch
  • Advice for getting more exposure
  • How to make a hugely successful LinkedIn group
  • The problem with your website’s URL
  • How to use podcasts to bring in clients

Tsufit is a former lawyer, actress, singer and comedienne. She now helps entrepreneurs and experts gain exposure. Listen as she and Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, discuss how Tsufit created her hugely successful LinkedIn group that generates leads for its members and for herself.


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Show notes:

The 30 Second Pitch
Some call it a 30 Second Pitch, some call it an Elevator Pitch and some call it a Networking Infomercial. Whatever you call it, it’s a brief way of describing who you are, what you do and what your results are. Tsufit’s approach is to get their attention with body language, like standing up when everyone else is seated. She also recommends embedding your results in a story, and says that there’s nothing wrong with making it up.

How to Gain More Exposure
Tsufit says that the key to increasing your exposure is to find a compelling way to tell your story. People don’t necessarily care that you started a new business, but they will if you have a distinct angle and make it stand out. Tsufit recommends starting with an interesting headline, then sharing the unique details of your story.

Creating an Effective LinkedIn Group
Tsufit’s LinkedIn group, Step Into The Spotlight!, has been a great source of leads for its members and for herself. She formed this group by inviting her competitors and “big mouths” from other groups. “I invited bigger names than me to join the group because I wanted it to be a destination for great people,” she says. She also made a rule for her group: members are only allowed to post questions, then others can comment with their opinions or advice.

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