Travis Huff

Hello, Hello! This is Kim Ades and I want to welcome you to the Frame of Mind Coaching™ Podcast! In this amazing episode, I will be coaching Travis Huff,  CEO of Real-Time Outsource.  In this coaching call,  Travis and I discuss packaging your secret sauce into a really magical business opportunity!

Travis' Top 10 Ways to Lift Up your Energy

  1. Drink Big Glass of Water
  2. Followed by Coffee / Bone Broth
  3. Put on 3-5 minutes of Music
  4. Fav Songs, Genres
  5. Review what’s coming Next
  6. Make Notes of Highlights you want to talk about
  7. Take a Look at Nature
  8. 30 Seconds Minimum
  9. Get Prepared
  10. Turn on Video / Connect to Zoom
  11. Say out LOUD
  12. Lets GO / I’m Amazing / I Love My Life
  13. Do a Quick Octane Exercise
  14. Fa, Sa, La, De, Do
  15. Visualize Yourself Crushing IT
  16. 5 Seconds – BIG outcome
  17. Time to Deliver
  18. Turn up the Dial on your Personality and let it Shine!

Episode Transcript

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