“The closer you get to selling [your business] and experiencing that freedom, the more paranoid and emotional you can become. It’s not a business transaction; it’s a life transaction. Know that things will go wrong but you can push through it.”

-Jeff Wiener, Founder of The Kickass Entrepreneur

The Kickass Entrepreneur

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • A super innovative way to market your business.
  • Whether or not you should be transparent with your team members.
  • How “visioning” will help you reach your goals.
  • How Jeff doubled his business revenue and tripled his profits.
  • The intricacies of managing a big business vs a small one.
  • How to finally find fulfillment in your business and your life

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Show notes:

The Kickass Entrepreneur and Scalability
Jeff Wiener, Founder of The Kickass Entrepreneur, shares the ins and outs of scaling and then selling his last company, Digitcom. He discusses how he overcame adversity and almost became bankrupt. Learn how Jeff’s leadership style and mindset led him, his company and his team to continue to scale his business to incredible new heights. Jeff reveals how he initially marketed his business and how he tripled his profits within four years, and dives into why somebody should start a business as a foundation for scalability.

The Kickass Entrepreneur and Relationships
Relationships are a serious struggle for many of our clients. At Frame of Mind Coaching™, we understand that highly driven leaders and entrepreneurs find themselves in strained relationships with their colleagues, employees and partners on both a personal and professional level. In this episode, Jeff Wiener describes why transparency is vital to the health of your business and your team. Jeff shares that leaders who demonstrate transparency and honesty receive a high return on the productivity and relationships, both at work and at home. Jeff discusses how even during points of extreme stress with his business, he and his wife were able to achieve success and even improve their own relationship in the process.

Jeff Wiener and “Visioning”
Jeff describes a concept he calls “visioning” as a mechanism for creating, designing and ultimately achieving professional and personal goals. “Visioning” for Jeff is a process of goal setting in which you see yourself in one year, three years, five years and so on. By setting these goals, Jeff is able to create measurable and attainable steps. For Jeff, these processes helped double his business revenue and triple his profits. Jeff has always journaled about his goals as a means of staying focused. At Frame of Mind Coaching™, journaling is an integral component of our coaching.

The Kickass Entrepreneur and Marketing
One of the other ideas that Jeff puts forward is that marketing is 50% science and 50% art. On the science side, Jeff believes that your goals and the means through which you attain them have to be measurable in order to succeed. On the art side, Jeff believes strongly in branding and design. Click to learn more about Jeff’s marketing, design and measurement beliefs.

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