“I see the world of resiliency in two ways: there is the foundational component and there are micro skills. Micro skills are, for example, being physically active to release positive hormones. Many people need to learn the foundational component, which is discovering your purpose in life, your vision and your values.”

-Darren Steeves, Owner of Vendura Wellness

How to Increase Your Resiliency

Darren Steeves, owner of Vendura Wellness, shares his unique perspective on resiliency and what most people miss when it comes to developing emotional strength. He also reveals the foundational skills needed to overcome adversity.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How having a sense of purpose and vision can decrease your anxiety.
  • How your beliefs can make you either more or less resilient.
  • How to be optimistic, once and for all.
  • What to do with your negative thoughts.

Darren is a professional Exercise Physiologist who has worked in organizational health and high-performance consulting for 25 years. He has consulted with small and large organizations, Olympic Medalists and World Champions. He is currently leading a three-year study in resilience at Dalhousie University where he is an adjunct professor.

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