“I’m getting a succession plan ready so I can continue to speak and move forward in this career. Speaking is what I love to do; I like helping people and helping entrepreneurs tell better stories through their branding.”

-Kendal Netmaker, Neechie Gear

Mastering Your Epic Keynote Presentation

Kendal Netmaker is the Founder and CEO of Neechie Gear and a professional speaker. Listen as he and Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, discuss how you can leverage your keynote presentation to increase business.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • Find your successor.
  • Use a keynote presentation to grow your brand.
  • Get the attention of big names.
  • Receive funding and pitch your ideas.
  • Remove your limiting beliefs.

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Show notes:

Getting Started with your Presentation
Kim: You decided to go from Neechie Gear into speaking. Why? What took you there?

Kendal: Throughout Neechie Gear’s process, I was often invited to share my story because people are always intrigued about it. It wasn’t until I told the story of Neechie Gear eight months in that it actually started to get momentum. Once we did that, people started requesting interviews with us in newspapers, print, online magazines and so on. I started to get asked to go to high school events, college events, and eventually, corporate events and conferences. Then I started to get a little bit of compensation.

I remember my first speaking fee was about $50. I was like, “Wow, I got paid 50 bucks to go and speak.” Then it was 300 bucks, then a thousand bucks and so on. And I was thinking, “We have something here, and I love doing this.” If it wasn’t for Neechie Gear, I would not have been introduced to this lifestyle and being able to help people this way.

So I kept working at it. And like I said, I took courses, I went to seminars, I watched other people who would speak. I got inspired by the best of the best − Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins… all the people that you see on Facebook and social media.

I would watch these people, study what they did, took what I knew and make the best I possibly could from it. I’m still working at it to this day. Most of my company’s revenue comes from the speaking engagements and the product sales from those engagements. It’s a fun business because it takes me all over the place and I get to meet people, go places I never thought I’d go and I’m just excited for what the next 10 years will look like.

Kim: Are you allowed to sell when you’re speaking?

Kendal: Yes.

Kim: Do you have back of the room sales?

Kendal: Yes. I would say probably 40 percent of them will allow you to do that, depending on the audience and what their mission is with the event. So with my book, that will obviously be one of the items for sale. I also have an online academy in which I help other entrepreneurs and businesses to tell better stories about their companies and I coach them through it. It’s a bunch of video training and downloads, as well as access to me as an online mentor.

Kim: So at the back of the room, you’re selling your own learning product and your book. Are you selling any Neechie Gear?

Kendal: That’s how it started, but the market has changed now with everything. The Neechie Gear stuff is not really fitting for a lot of these audiences that I’m speaking to. I’m speaking to more personal development, business audiences who want to learn more. So I give them more of what they need.

Kim: Okay. It’s funny because I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs about how speaking can help them build their platform, even if they’re talking about video production or whatever the subject is that they’re working on. How do you find and get speaking engagements?

Kendal: You speak for free for a long time. You speak for free at as many places that you can in your local area, which is what I did, and then you get momentum from that. As you master your, as Jane Atkins calls it, “epic keynote,” you’re able to get other people to say, “Hey, we should bring that person in to speak at our event. We should bring him into this school or this college or this conference” and so on.

That’s how it started for me and that’s where most of my business comes from. When I get in there and I do my keynote, I should at least get two, three people wanting me for their events. And that should be your goal: at least two to three people should be coming up to you at the end of it and saying, “I would love for you to come and speak for us.”

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