“Our goal is to build 20 companies, 100 million in revenue and have fun doing it.”

-Raymond Wali, Serial Entrpreneur


Managing “Entrepreneurial ADHD”

Listen in as serial entrepreneur and CEO Raymond Wali shares how he built multiple successful businesses. Find out how he generates new business ideas, finds the right people to run each business and what it’s like to have “entrepreneurial ADHD.”

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to come up with new business ideas.
  • How to determine if a business idea is workable.
  • How to find great managing partners to run your business.
  • An interview question that provides tons of insight about candidates.
  • How to deal with stressful situations in business and life.

Raymond launched his first business ( at the age of 21. His passion for startups and business model innovation has led to the successful launch of a series of new products, brands and ventures. The World Is Global Inc. is his latest and most ambitious business to date. Dubbed a Venture Creation Agency, TWIG aims to launch 20 companies and generate $100 million in revenue in the next 5 years.

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