“I know that I feel closest to my work and most engaged when I am working on things that have direct impact on consumers, customers and people.”  -Danny Hadas, Customer Experience Expert

How to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to make sure your customer’s journey with you knocks their socks off.
  • What businesses always do that causes their clients to leave.
  • Why you don’t need to be a big company to get it right.
  • How to measure employee experience.
  • The 3 things that super successful people do.
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Show notes:

Customer Experience vs Customer Service
For the past 10 years, Danny has worked as a consultant serving brands like Disney, BMW, AT&T and Johnson & Johnson, helping them with everything from technology to customer experience transformations. As a customer experience expert, he knows that customer service is only part of the equation. “We consider service something you get when something goes wrong,” he says. Customer experience is a client’s entire journey with a brand from start to finish.

The Missing Piece
Danny says that where many companies go wrong is that they sell promises that they can’t keep. In their marketing efforts, they talk a big game, but they can’t always deliver. With so much time focused on sales, the actual customer experience can suffer. This is why he urges companies to make the latter their priority.

Getting it Right
The key to getting customer experience right does not lie in being a huge company or in having many resources, says Danny. To demonstrate this, he compares Amazon to Google. While they are both big brands with big resources, Amazon out-performers Google when it comes to customer experience. Meanwhile, Danny knows of smaller brands that are also hitting it out of the park. The trick is to focus your attention on making the customer’s journey better.

Managing Employee Experience
Equally important to caring for your customers is managing your employees’ experience. He recommends making your team members feel welcome, giving them regular feedback and always being the last person to speak in meetings as opposed to talking throughout.

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