“They told us that everyone has a sinful nature and belongs in hell. When this is driven into you from as early as you can remember, you start to tell yourself you have no worth of your own.”

-Michael Olesen

Breaking Free From a Cult

Michael Olesen shares his story of growing up in an extreme-right religious environment and how he eventually broke free. Michael also shares how this experience still impacts him today and how he challenges thoughts that hold him back from living up to his full potential. Kim shares how to form healthy connections with others and increase your self-esteem.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • Cult mentality and control.
  • How Michael’s parents influenced his involvement with a religious cult.
  • How Michael was eventually able to break free from the cult.
  • Michael’s work training counter-terrorism experts.
  • How to get more love and acceptance from others.
Michael was raised in an extreme-right right religious environment where church, school and his social life were all one and the same. He escaped that world in his 20’s and pursued a career in healthcare as an infectious disease expert. He loves to help people find their place in life and believes in using personal mission statements to help them focus on their goals.
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