“When I was dirt poor and didn’t have two nickels, that was the best time of my life.”

-Dr. Kevin Coughlin


Finding Your Next Challenge After Selling Your Business

Dr. Kevin Coughlin shares why he sold 80% of his dental company and how he handles the ongoing challenges of running a large organization. He also shares his advice for business owners considering an exit or buyout.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How Dr. Coughlin effectively handles over 5,000 patient complaints per year.
  • The challenges that have emerged after selling most of his dental company.
  • Why he started journaling and what he has learned from it.
  • What you need to consider before you sell your company to a venture capital backed organization.

A 30-year veteran of dentistry, Kevin Coughlin, DMD, MBA, MAGD, runs 14 dental practices in Western Massachusetts, performing all aspects of general dentistry. He also helps those who choose to compete against MSOs and DSOs build a successful practice based on sound business principals and excellent customer service.

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