Michelle Mras


Not only did TEDx explode everything (in a good way), it gave me direction.”
-Michelle Mras

From Brain Injury to TED Talk With Michelle Mras

Michelle Mras is a TEDx speaker and a coach who lost the ability to communicate for 9 months after a brain injury. Listen as she and host Kim Ades discuss how Michelle leveraged her story, went viral and got a steady stream of clients.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we discuss how to:

  • Get a TED Talk, prepare for it and leverage it.
  • Find success in the speaking world.
  • Grow your business when marketing isn’t your forte.
  • Stay on top of a fast-scaling business.
  • Keep your authenticity and integrity while scaling. 


Take a Listen!

How to Get and Leverage a TED Talk with Michelle Mras

Here is a super interesting snippet of our conversation! See transcription (12:14 – 17:00):

Michelle Mras: I applied for TEDx thinking, “I’m going to go all in before I lose my voice again.” I prayed that I would still have my voice by the time of the TEDx.

Kim Ades: How did you prepare for it?

Michelle Mras: I’m a Toastmaster and I had done a talk that I called, “Eat, Drink and be Mary.” It was a three minute long, spontaneous talk you have to do about someone who has greatly influenced your life. I told a quick story about my mother-in-law, Mary, and someone said, “That’s a really great story. You should make a real story about it.” So I made a seven minute recording of it.

When I decided to do the TEDx, the idea of living life to its fullest was very prominent in my mind and my heart because my life was almost gone in an instant. I wanted people to know that story too. I figured that if I have my voice, I better share my message because it’s big. 

I listened to the seven minute recording over and over and over. I gave the talk to the TEDx selection committee and they said they loved it. I looked at my husband and said, “You recorded that, right? Because I don’t remember what I said.” 

I listened to that new version over and over again, so when it came to the day of my talk, I just did it.

Kim Ades: Tell me about the experience after you do a TEDx. How does it impact your business and your professional life?

Michelle Mras: It impacted everything! Before my brain injury, I ran political campaigns. After my brain injury, I was unemployed and had no recollection of my old job. When I came off that TEDx stage, the director said to me, “Where’s your book?” I said, “What book?” and she said, “You’d better get one!” Over the next two months, I wrote “Eat, Drink and be Mary: A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived.” 

My TEDx blew up online and on social media. More people watched it overseas than in America. I started getting messages from people asking for more of my content, so I started doing mini talks about things I said in my TEDx on Facebook Live and YouTube. People still wanted more.

Not only did this TEDx explode everything (in a good way), it gave me direction. I was not a speaker; I became an inspirational speaker because of that TEDx. And then because of the TEDx, I became an author and realized that I write as well as I speak. My speech in my book is like the way I talk, so people can relate really quickly.

TEDx has forced me into this whole new line of work. Upon seeing my videos, people would ask for my advice, and so I became a coach on resilience and attitude.


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