FOM Methods is an in-person, interactive, hands-on, personal and transformative four-day workshop hosted by President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, Kim Ades. This program is for individuals who are committed to dramatically stepping up their effectiveness and impact as leaders in all areas of their lives.

FOM Methods: Our Epic Leadership Training Program

This program will give you the tools to:

  • Manage yourself as a leader in even the most challenging situations. 
  • Work effectively with people at all organizational levels, and all levels of organization.
  • Lead in a way that helps others step up to their full potential.
  • Extract the highest level of productivity and contribution from your team.
  • Get everyone on your team rowing in the same direction.
  • Think strategically and communicate your ideas powerfully.
  • Discover opportunities that were previously invisible.
  • Connect with others and build strong relationships.
  • Positively influence the most important people in your life.
  • Leverage your natural instincts to be an effective mentor, leader and coach.

The Curriculum

Your Thinking = Your Results

The connection between leadership thinking, your results and those of your team.

Your Role as a Leader

What is actually expected of you as a leader in the art of leading.

Building Rapport 

Connecting with your team on a much deeper level and getting to the root of issues.

FOM Coaching Principles

The backbone of coaching − 11 principles to guide you when coaching your team.

FOM Coaching Concepts

The body of coaching − relatable theories to lead you and others through challenging times.

FOM Coaching Strategies

The application of coaching − techniques to employ when leading others.

Coaching Steps

The 5 simple steps to follow during every coaching conversation you have.

Coaching Mistakes Leaders Make

The 3 most common mistakes leaders make and how to overcome them.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Journal with a group of leaders, coach them on the spot and receive coaching as well.

The Details

Who: Leaders from all walks of life who are ready to master their coaching skills in order to significantly improve their own and their team’s performance.

What: FOM Methods a transformative 4 day event covering all things coaching.

Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When: TBD

Why: So that you can finally start getting the results that you know you and your team are capable of.

Cost: $4800 USD + Travel/Lodging

Great Leaders are Great Coaches

You will discover the connection between your thoughts, your leadership, your results and your team’s results. You will explore the steps that lead to phenomenal coaching, our tried and true coaching strategies and the most common mistakes leaders make. You will learn how to impact others, build rapport with key colleagues, overcome your current challenges and much, much more. You will explore real case studies, get coached, have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned by coaching others, journal, stretch (literally!), connect and of course, eat (a lot).

You will not just gain the skills to lead your team; you will also have the opportunity to join a network of like-minded leaders that will sustain you long after FOM Methods has ended. We have created an intimate community where you can share your thoughts, struggles and successes and receive continuous support whenever you need it.

Your company will gain a leader with an unprecedented level of awareness of how their own thinking is affecting their results. They will gain a leader who knows how to prevent themselves from falling into typical leadership thinking traps. And they will gain a leader who can effectively coach their team to become extraordinary leaders.

About Your Host

Kim Ades is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine™ Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mother of five, Kim has almost two decades of experience coaching a vast number of North America’s most respected leaders. Recognized as an expert in the area of thought mastery, Kim uses her unique philosophy and quirky coaching style to help her clients deal with core issues, and helps them shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results.

Kim has been featured in numerous online publications such as Forbes and Inc. and has been a speaker for many organizations, including Microsoft, SHRM, HRPA and WBE. Annually, Kim hosts a Frame of Mind Coaching Methodology program, training leaders to become phenomenal coaches. Kim has also been an adjunct professor at Ryerson University and Centennial College, teaching HR and Training.

Kim Ades Headshot- Leadership Training Program

About FOM Coaching™

Frame of Mind Coaching is a deeply intense and intimate coaching process that examines how one’s thinking leads them to the outcomes they experience in their lives – both positive and negative. The FOM Coaching process is built on the premise that thought precedes all action and that the mastery of thought is the key to extraordinary success. 

Frame of Mind Coaching equips clients with the tools and framework for thought mastery using daily online interactive journaling coupled with one-on-one coaching as the gateway towards massive transformation.

We work with business owners, leaders, innovators and other highly driven individuals to help them reach new levels of accomplishment and to live outstandingly successful lives. From the impact of our coaches, to our established coaching process, combined with our journaling platform and unique focus, our clients consistently experience exceptional personal transformation, improved business success and enhanced professional growth.

Come to FOM Methods 

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FOM Methods Leadership Training Testimonials

What an amazing experience. As a leader in my organization, I have learned that if you truly want to move your people and your organization forward, you MUST begin with yourself. Self-leadership is the cornerstone of building an exceptional, successful organization. FOM Methods was the BEST training I have ever attended. Well worth the time and investment!

Ranelle Crosby

Vice President, Malheur Federal Credit Union

This training has changed my life. It has helped me learn about things that I’ve struggled with my whole life, and I finally feel equipped to think differently about certain aspects. Thank you so much for this amazing experience − I will remember it as a pivotal moment in my personal and professional development.

Christine Sarosy

Research Leader/R & D Management, Kao Corporation

FOM Methods will have a profound impact on how I will communicate with my direct reports. Time at this course was time well spent, indeed!

Gail Temple

Vice President of Operations, Westcorp Inc.

This event was transformative for me in so many ways. The Frame of Mind Coaching team facilitated an incredible experience for the participants and thought of everything. The support and deep-learning that I received from FOM Methods will stay with me forever and it has opened opportunities I had not considered before attending. The connections were powerful and Kim was truly inspiring.

Tanya Evoy

Broker, Remax Affiliates Realty

As a leader, this experience will rock your world, give you insights into motivation and limiting beliefs and help you to move forward. A must for those strong enough to face the tough stuff, accept it with love and grow from it personally and professionally.

Amy Hawke

Owner, Hawke Homes Inc.

The best part of FOM Methods was the journaling and being coached through it. My wife was there as well, and I think it might have been the most pivotal experience in our marriage.

Jonathan Robert

CEO & President, Crushrite Concrete

FOM Methods is not only about learning the skills of coaching. It’s about learning the skills of relationships, communication and living a happy life.

Cary MacArthur

Power Coach

FOM Methods is unlike any other training course I have attended. There is a great mixture of tears, laughter, fun and deep diving into the unique coaching method that is Frame of Mind Coaching. It’s an amazing four days that will impact your life.

Stuart Horton


FOM Methods is an extraordinary experience. The days are packed with deep, experiential learning, reflection, introspection and a strong sense of connection – to each other and to the value we bring to others. The evenings are just plain fun… and delicious!

Beth Berman

EOS Implementer, Compellications

FOM Methods is unlike any other coaching program out there. It is high impact, transformative and delivered in a way that it becomes a life-long part of you. Beyond the incredible knowledge you receive and the profound connections you build (with yourself and others), this course fires you up for extraordinary success!

Dinis Prazeres

President, JEDS Construction Ltd.

FOM Methods is not only life-changing and transformational, it is humbling and inspiring as well. To be in a room with other people who are driven to be their best not only as leaders, but in all aspects of their lives, provides an opportunity for unprecedented growth. What are you waiting for?!

Wanda Slater

Parish Administrator

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