Are You Like Lauren?

Are you a highly driven leader who is struggling to balance career and the time you get with your partner and children?

Lauren McArthur

Finding Balance

A story of leadership and parenting.

The Story

Lauren is a 38-year-old POWERHOUSE of a leader. She works long hours as the Director of Marketing for a large firm. She’s been married for 13 years and has two kids, 12 and 5 years old. Her 12-year-old has ADHD and can be a real handful.

The Struggle

Lauren loves her work, but often comes home after long days to find herself at odds with her husband. They are not on the same parenting page. The house is a mess, the kids are out of control and she doesn’t understand why her husband can’t get it together. She wishes she could spend more quality time with her family but she is the primary breadwinner and has responsibilities to take care of. 

The Solution

Lauren is a focused professional who feels that she must sacrifice her job in order to be available for her family. Is this really true? Does she have to choose one or the other? This is where we begin our coaching…

How We Coach

If you are like Lauren, then you know what it means to be an exceptional leader. You work hard and you are more driven than anybody you know. But it comes at a cost. Your personal relationships are difficult to maintain and you feel like you can't have control both at home and at work. We help people like Lauren identify what they really, really want, what is getting in their way and how to get everything they want out of life. 

About Frame of Mind Coaching™

Frame of Mind Coaching™ is an extremely effective coaching methodology that has had a profound impact on the professional and personal lives of those we serve and on the coaching industry as a whole. FOM Coaching™ delivers deep, intimate, transformational coaching for highly driven executives, leaders and business owners who are determined to reach significant goals. Through a 10-week-long program involving daily journaling and weekly calls with a Certified FOM Coach, we help our clients shift their thinking so they may live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration and joy!

Seal the Deal

An FOM Coach can help you gain perspective on your challenges and help you finally feel more like yourself. You could try to do it alone, or you can work with someone who has helped dozens of leaders get fast and effective results. If coaching sounds like it could make a difference in your life, fill out the form below to book a complimentary coaching call. Ask all the questions you want and evaluate whether or not FOM Coaching™ is the right fit for you.
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