E92: How to Win After a Serious Loss with John Register 1


“It was not just about learning how to create a new normal for myself, but it was about my family learning how to support me.” -John Register

How to Win After a Serious Loss with John Register

John Register joins the podcast to discuss how he found a “new normal” after going from being an elite athlete to having his left leg amputated. John shares his tips for dealing with a major loss or setback, including how to find support and how to be supportive of others.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How John coped with the loss of his leg after an accident.
  • The power of finding a “new normal” after a setback or crisis.
  • The support that you need to build to overcome adversity.
  • How to be supportive of others who are going through major life changes.
  • How to build more momentum in your business.

John Register won the Paralympic silver medal in long jump just 6 years after having his left leg amputated. He also founded the US Olympic Committee Paralympic Military Sport Program, which shows wounded, ill and injured veterans how to participate in sports to aid in rehabilitation.

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