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“We coach many highly driven people who have an idea of what they should be doing, but when they fall short, they beat themselves up, which actually slows them down.”
-Kim Ades on young entrepreneurs finding balance

Finding Success: Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell is the 24-year-old CEO of 1Clean Air, a commercial and residential air duct and carpet cleaning company. Since taking over his family’s business, they have doubled their sales and grown their team significantly. Listen as he and host Kim Ades discuss how young entrepreneurs can find success.


In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How Jason generate leads and why he’ll never cold call clients.
  • How to differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • The power of giving clients a visual demonstration of your product.
  • How young entrepreneurs can find success.
  • Why what you “should” do isn’t always accurate.
  • How to find purpose and the motivation to go the extra mile.

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Transcription (19:48-21:27):


Why Intimidation Shouldn’t Stop Young Entrepreneurs

Kim Ades: You’re running this company and it’s grown quite substantially. You’re also part of a group called TEC. For those of you who have never heard of TEC, it stands for The Executive Committee, and it’s a group that runs all over Canada (in the US it’s called Vistage). So you’re in a TEC group that runs in Ottawa. What’s it like to be in this group? You’re probably the youngest one in the group. What is it like to be around other people who have been running companies longer and maybe are just older than you?

Jason Maxwell: At the beginning, I felt intimidated because it was the first time that I was surrounding myself with people who weren’t friends who I wasn’t as successful as, they’re as or more successful. I just felt smaller.

Kim Ades: Yeah.

Jason Maxwell: So I was intimidated, but I changed that and now I’m more inspired by those people, and it’s super great to have the tips and knowledge that they give me from their experiences. They’ve had and missed chances many times, so they tell me about that. I was like, “Well, I’m young, so I can get all the juice from them that is super good instead of making the error myself.”

Kim Ades: Right. So you’re learning from their experiences.

Jason Maxwell: A lot.

Kim Ades: And for me, it was interesting to see you there because I found that you were keeping up just fine. It was inspiring for me to see you in that room, and I encourage a lot of young entrepreneurs your age to participate. One of the benefits is to be around other people who are just as motivated and just as driven as you, and who are successful.


As young entrepreneurs, we may have let intimidation stand in our way.

But even now, some of us still feel as though we “aren’t good enough.”

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