E110: Thought Management Hacks to Heal Yourself with Dr. Hank Seitz 1


“All of our behavior starts with our thoughts. Thoughts become things. So thoughts help us get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.”

-Dr. Hank Seitz of Agent Wealth Success


Thought Management Hacks to Heal Yourself with Dr. Hank Seitz

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • The “What You Focus on Grows” Principle
  • How Dr. Hank Seitz used thought management to heal his body
  • How to turn a bad day into a good one
  • How real estate agents can increase revenues by $100,000
  • How to change your beliefs
  • How your beliefs influence your behavior

Dr. Hank Seitz of Agent Wealth Success helps real estate agents and brokers grow their business and wealth. Listen as he and Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, discuss how he healed his body using thought management after a serious car accident.


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Show notes:

Using Thought Management to Heal Your Body
Kim Ades: You had a very interesting and dramatic experience in your life, one that you probably really didn’t want. You got into a very severe car accident. Can you take us back to that time?

Hank Seitz: Sure, you bet. It was a little over two years ago, so not too long ago. At the time, I was praying for many things, and one of the things I was asking was for was how I could provide my real estate agents with a financial plan where they could retire or they could do other things where it wasn’t always trading their time for money. And so I was driving along the highway, an 18-wheeler slid into my car going 60 miles per hour and it totaled my car and it totaled my body.

I was in a coma. They called my wife and said, “I’m not sure if he’s going to make it, come to the hospital.” Obviously, I made it through that, and when I woke up, I said to myself that, in my heart of hearts, I know that everything that happens to us and that we attract is for something good and that’s leading us to a better life. So in my case, for starters, I said to myself that I’m going to have better health than I had before and I’m going to have some miracles happen to me.

Let’s start with my health [at the time]. I’m a Vietnam veteran and a VA proclaimee, permanently home-bound and permanently disabled. I was paralyzed from my waist down. I decided that instead of listening to other people’s opinions like the doctors’ (I’m grateful for the operations), I would see a new vision for myself.

I started to visualize with the universe and with God, if you will, and I started to use my higher self, my inner being to visualize me walking, enjoying life and having a regular life. I did that all the time, and one day, I felt a little energy, a little movement, in my right toe.

What You Focus on Grows
Back to the idea that what you focus your attention on grows, instead of focusing on never being able to walk again because I didn’t believe that, I believed in me and in the power that all things are possible when I’m connected to God, the universe and my inner being. I started focusing on that movement in my right toe, and it started to move to my other toes and after breath after breath, hour after hour, day after day, I moved that energy up my leg, around my waist, down my other leg, and voila, I am now walking.

In fact, I have better health in many ways, in most ways, than I had before. Everything is a blessing. When we’re able to look at any situation – a divorce, a deal going south, an argument, a major car accident, major health issues – if we can just start looking for the good, because in essence, those things were put there in our experience so that they could help us birth a better life for us.

And so I have a better life because of the massive car accident that most people will call a horrendous car accident, that I call a miraculous car experience, and I’m a walking miracle because of it and enjoying the power that all of us have.

E110: Thought Management Hacks to Heal Yourself with Dr. Hank Seitz 2

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