What is FOM Coaching™

We work with executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners and other highly driven people to help them reach new levels of accomplishment and to live outstandingly successful lives. Whether for business success or personal transformation, the foundation of Frame of Mind Coaching™ is that a person’s thinking has a greater impact on their outcomes than any other contributing factor. As such, our FOM-Certified Coaches focus on the study and examination of a client’s thoughts, beliefs, past experiences and perspectives in order to make sense of the results that they keep getting. From the impact of our coaches, to our established coaching process, coupled with our platform and unique focus, our clients consistently experience exceptional personal transformation, improved business success and enhanced professional growth.

The Frame of Mind Coaching™ Core Values

Generosity – Giving whatever we can to the individuals we coach exactly when they need it the most.

Intimacy – Building an unprecedented level of trust with the individuals we coach.

Leadership – Leading by example and coaching leaders to have a profound impact on every community they touch.

Personal Development – Committing to our own personal and professional development as we simultaneously take a stand for the personal development of the individuals we coach.

Integrity – Keeping our promises, conducting ourselves with honesty and transparency and *always* ensuring 100% satisfaction with the individuals we coach.

The FOM Coaching™ Team

Kim Ades, MBA

President and Founder, FOM Inc.

Kim is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ and JournalEngine™ Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and mother of 5, Kim is recognized as one of North America’s leading experts on performance through thought mastery.

Allan friedman, B.A., B.ed.

Chief Operating Officer, FOM Inc.

Allan heads up the Administrative division of FOM Inc. and is dedicated to the support of the FOM Coaching™ team and clients, who know that he’ll be there in a flash when needed. His desire to see everyone succeed shines through in everything.

hilary bigel, B.A.

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development, Hilary is responsible for building key customer relationships, identifying business opportunities and serving existing clients.  She is incredibly attentive and loves to help our amazing clients get started on their journey of stratospheric transformation.

kate hefford, Bjourn.

Communications Coordinator

Kate has been the Communications Coordinator for Frame of Mind Coaching™ since 2014. With a background in journalism, she produces content for our website, newsletter and social media accounts and works closely with the team on all marketing efforts.

Jonathan friedman, B.A., CYC.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jonathan was a Child and Youth Counsellor for 7 years before becoming the Digital Marketing Specialist for Frame of Mind Coaching™. He helps build our ever-growing fan base through SEO, social media, content and analytics.

The Frame of Mind Coaches

dave gorham

Dave owns a successful property management and brokerage company, has managed several large teams and has won awards for his leadership and for the results he gets. As an established and outstanding FOM Coach, he works with high-level producers who need to be challenged.


Chari schwartz

Chari worked with teachers and leaders in the educational sector for 30+ years before becoming a full time (and exceptional) FOM Coach. She specializes in coaching senior leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in an enthusiastic and resourceful way.


becca buttermore

Becca has owned her optometry practice for over a decade. As an experienced FOM Coach, she works exclusively with highly motivated clients who tend to shrink when met with adversity. She helps them convert their struggles into the stepping stones to greater success.


Frank Furbacher

Frank is a consultant with a major customer experience consulting firm and the former VP of Operations of a large, New York-based continuing education firm. Since becoming an FOM Coach, he has helped dozens of young professionals reach their potential and achieve their goals.


wanda slater

Wanda has done extensive work as a manager in both the corporate and private sector, and more recently as a parish administrator, choir director and vocal teacher. She coaches senior leaders who are looking to make a greater impact in their work environments by helping them step into their unique strengths.


taylor jobe

Taylor is the Founder of a New York based flight company with experience in both the corporate and start-up worlds. He works with entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business and to reduce the stress and sacrifice that comes along with it. He challenges their thinking to promote more rapid change.

EVERY one of our coaches has been through our 1:1 coaching experience. It left such an impact that they wanted to share the value of their experience with others, prompting them to join our certification program.

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