Our Executive Coaching Program

Our Executive Coaching Approach

Frame of Mind Coaching™ delivers intimate, intense and powerful executive coaching to highly driven leaders, executives and entrepreneurs.  We help our clients experience personal and professional transformation at record-breaking speed.

Our philosophy is simple. As a leader, your thinking is the single most important factor that impacts your success. Everything you achieve, and everything you fail to achieve, results from your thinking. Once you become aware of the thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs that are holding you back and work with your coach to understand them, your goals become much easier to achieve. In essence, we help you clear the runway so that you are able to take off and soar effortlessly. The results of your coaching experience will ripple across every aspect of your life, from business to relationships to revenue to health. Our clients notice a dramatic shift in a short amount of time.

The Executive Coaching Platform

Our clients journal with their coach using our private, safe and secure online journaling platform, JournalEngine™. We ask our clients to journal as a means of quickly identifying patterns of thoughts and beliefs. Journaling is a powerful coaching tool that allows us to accelerate your learning and development at an unprecedented pace. Our coaches read and respond to your journals in real time to drive the coaching process to incredible heights.

The People

Our coaches are successful leaders from a wide array of industries. At one point or another they found themselves facing business and personal struggles similar to yours and decided to hire Frame of Mind Coaching™ to help them through it.

As a result of their extraordinary experience as a client, they wanted to become a Frame of Mind Coach so that they could share what they learned and help others to achieve the same kind of magic that they themselves had experienced. They decided to apply to the Frame of Mind Coaching™ Certification Program and upon receiving their certification became coaches, coaching exclusively for the FOM brand!

Our coaches are committed, beyond your wildest expectations, to your success and wellbeing. Their goal is to help you achieve your goals and deepest desires without needing to make sacrifices. The executive coaching process is intense and extremely intimate. In a world where the pace of life has made it challenging to truly connect with others, your coach will go to great lengths to tear down the walls of disconnection in order to take you on a journey that will truly change your life.

The Executive Coaching Process

The Process

Part I – Intensity

Over a 10-week period (preceded by a 1 hour Assessment call that allows us to match you with an FOM-Certified Coach who is best suited to your needs, and an Orientation call with that Coach so that they can get to know you  before the coaching even starts), we take a deeply intense and intimate look at the relationship between your thinking and the results that you are getting in all areas of your life. We do so through the use of daily journaling (with weekly prompts and regular feedback from your coach) and a weekly recorded call with your coach. The journaling is done using our private, online journaling software, JournalEngine™. Each coaching call is recorded, and you are asked to listen to each recording prior to the next call. This process provides a critical component to your development, and accelerates your progress in a way that will honestly surprise you.


Part II – Integration

Following your 10-week experience, you can choose from 3 options. 

Option 1: You can choose to dive back into your life on your own.  We’ll always be waiting and ready to give you a hand if you need it;

Option 2: You can further maximize your experience and continue your coaching relationship with us via a Maintenance package, which includes continued regular journaling and a call either every two weeks or once per month.  Your calls will continue to be recorded, and your coach will guide you during this time by focusing on integrating everything you have absorbed in the 10 weeks into all aspects of your daily life; 

Option 3: You can purchase a ‘call package’ that allows you to schedule a call with your coach only when the need arises.  Purchase 6 or 10 calls, and use them when you need them (note: calls must be used within one year of purchase).  As with Option 2, all calls will continue to be recorded and uploaded to your personal course;


What happens after the 6 months are over? 

Option 1: For leaders who want to introduce their Frame of Mind Coaching™ experience to their workplace and/or to other people in their lives, we invite them to participate in the FOM Leadership Training Program where they learn specifically how to coach others using the FOM Coaching™ approach.  This option ends with a Certificate of Completion in the Frame of Mind Coaching™ Methodology.  You do not have to become a Frame of Mind Coach in order to participate. Read more here.


Option 2 – For leaders who want to continue their personal journey and keep building their mental strength while quickly circumventing inevitable pitfalls, we offer a variety of maintenance options that work with your schedule and your needs.


One of the most remarkable things about Frame of Mind Coaching™ is that our president, Kim Ades, personally guarantees an extraordinary experience.  She knows that if you participate fully, your thinking will be transformed.

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