Are You Like Elyse?

Are you involved in a relationship that seems to have run its course? What now?!

Elyse Song

The Change-Maker

A story of new beginnings.

The Story

After 7 years, Elyse is done with Sam. What started as a romance of epic proportions has become a rather abusive marriage and Elyse has HAD IT! She’s ended the marriage, but it’s still not quite that simple.

The Struggle

While Elyse is done with the relationship, Sam is making the whole process excruciating and tormenting. The divorce is rough and Elyse is worried about her future. She is terrified to lose her kids and she is unsure about how she will be able to manage her expenses. 

The Solution

Getting divorced can definitely be difficult, but many of us have been there. A seasoned FOM coach offers tried and true guidance, provides strategies for handling disagreement and conflict, and makes the whole process much more manageable with an eye towards recovery and building an AMAZING life ahead.

How We Coach

We have all been in relationships that didn’t work out, but your situation is unique and you deserve support unlike any other. From private and secure journaling to weekly calls, FOM Coaching™ allows for a deep understanding of what happened in your relationship, provides a healthy strategy for dealing with the bumps and challenges of divorce, and helps you strategize a plan for what the future without this relationship can look like. This is your story, and we are right here to help you write it.

About Frame of Mind Coaching™

Frame of Mind Coaching™ is an extremely effective coaching methodology that has had a profound impact on the professional and personal lives of those we serve and on the coaching industry as a whole. FOM Coaching™ delivers deep, intimate, transformational coaching for highly driven executives, leaders and business owners who are determined to reach significant goals. Through a 10-week-long program involving daily journaling and weekly calls with a Certified FOM Coach, we help our clients shift their thinking so they may live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration and joy!

Seal the Deal

FOM Coaching™ is an excellent resource for individuals who are in the midst of dealing with difficult relationships. The FOM Coaching™ approach is to help you build the resilience you need when conversations get rough and when “divorce” does not go as smoothly as you would like. The goal is to help you ride the waves with strength and grace, and help you get to a safe landing spot so that you can move forward with excitement and energy.