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“If you don’t manage your energy, you will not be able to be a high-performing individual.”

-David Mansilla, Owner of ISU Corp

How to Manage Your Energy

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to successfully build a virtual team.
  • How to get a line up of people wanting to join your organization.
  • What makes a great culture and how to build it.
  • How to determine if new hires share your values.
  • How to get stuff done without accountability.
  • How to mange your energy.

David Mansilla is the owner of ISU Corp, a custom software solutions company that helps entrepreneurs increase their net profits. His company has been granted awards like Company of the Year from Technology Headlines, Top 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch from Silicon Review and the Canadian Business Excellence Award. 

Listen as he and Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, discuss how to manage your energy as a busy entrepreneur.

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Transcription (23:00-29:43):


How to Manage Your Energy

Kim Ades: How do you manage your energy? Do you have a technique you use when you get up in the morning? Do you take a break? Do you go for a walk? Do you journal? Do you meditate? Do you have a way to recalibrate when things are a little dark?

David Mansilla: I do most of those things. I believe that if you manage your day, then you manage your life. So it starts with the day, and that’s the problem. People think, “Oh, I’m going to get this done in a month,” or, “I’m going to get this done next year.” But what’s the small portion of that that you can do today to accomplish your goal? So daily rituals for me are the most important part of my daily life because if I don’t manage my energy, I will not be able to be a high-performance individual.

So to give an example, I wake up every morning; the first thing I do is I have a book at home and it’s 100 percent positive feedback. So I make sure the books that I’m reading are teaching me something to put my mindset in a positive way, so I really have a positive injection. After that, I hit the shower and then I do my priming.

How Priming Helps You Manage Your Energy

Kim Ades: I have several clients who do priming and I’ve never spoken about it. Tell people about your priming ritual.

David Mansilla: A priming ritual is basically a way of meditation, but it’s more like a mindful meditation. I have tried to meditate − putting my mind into a blank state and thinking about nothing − and it hasn’t happened for me. So I discovered mindful meditation after that, which is fantastic because you are actually focusing on something − affirmations, for example. So what I do is I go through a process of gratitude first. I close my eyes and I think about three things that I’m grateful for today.

After I do that, I go into healing mode. I think of a big, big energy − for me it’s God (I’m a Christian person). So throughout my meditation, I’m praying and I’m saying, “Okay God, please heal me from top to bottom, manage my energy, make sure I get invigorated.” And then after that, I go into sending energy to people. Because you know, with energy, what you focus on is where your energy goes, right?

Kim Ades: Agreed!

David Mansilla: So I just mentally think about making sure that people that I find are in trouble or people that are sick − I just try to send them my best wishes through energy.

And I don’t want to sound like I’m running a cult over here or anything, but that’s the way I do it. And then after that, I celebrate. So I’m feeling happy and I’m in celebration mode because I’m alive and because of all the things that I have been able to accomplish so far. And then I think about three things that I want to accomplish in the day.

And when I think about them, I think about them as if they are already accomplished. So I’m thinking, OK, those are my three priorities, they’re already done. How am I going to feel when they are already done? What’s that emotion? By the time that I finish that meditation, it takes between 10 and 20 minutes, and baby, I’m ready to rock the day.

Kim Ades: What you’re doing is you’re literally managing your energy. You’re putting yourself into a peak state, a state of excitement, energy, optimism.  You’re looking forward to what’s about to come. You’re also giving yourself a chance to be OK with any adversity or challenge you’ve experienced, kind of put it behind you and face forward.

Manage Your Health, Manage Your Energy

David Mansilla: Another thing that I have discovered regarding energy, since about six, seven years ago, I decided that I need to take care of my health if I want to be a high performer. Before then, I didn’t care about my health. Now, I do. So I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different things, from eating seven meals a day to working out three hours a day, to do it every other day. I have tried every single diet in the universe.


Kim Ades: So what works? That sounds very extreme.

David Mansilla: Yeah. I have tried every single diet in the universe. And the funny part is that what’s the simplest is what’s the most effective, at least for me.  So since about a year and a half ago, I listen to a podcast with Tim Ferriss and Art De Vany. And Art De Vany, this gentleman, he’s an 81-year-old person and he does a lot of research on how to manage your energy to actually keep yourself younger as long as possible without any intervention. And it turns out that the secret is fasting, which is the simplest way.

So what I’ve tried to do is from Monday to Friday when I’m working, I don’t eat anything from the time I wake up until dinner.

Kim Ades: Wow. That’s a long time.

David Mansilla: I try to do at least a 16 to 17-hour fast, but the norm is about between a 20 and 24 hours fast.

Kim Ades: That’s a lot of time without food. Don’t you get headaches? Don’t you feel dizzy, weak? Don’t you feel like you need a little bit of something to sustain you?

David Mansilla: The first three weeks were horrible. And then my body got used to it. I don’t even think about food anymore. And the funny part is that once I’m working, my brain feels like it’s a laser beam focused on whatever I’m doing. And I have high levels of energy to the point that now, I only work out three times a week, from working out like every single day, but when I go, I go faster. And I make sure I don’t eat after I work out. And you will not believe the energy that I get out of that.

Kim Ades: Wow. So you fast all day. This is more than intermittent fasting. It sounds like it’s a bit more rigorous.

David Mansilla: Actually, it’s a version of intermittent fasting, for sure. Like I said, sometimes I have business lunches and I actually will have lunch, or on the weekends, for sure, I do nothing but eat.

The Correlation between Coaching and Energy

Prior to receiving coaching from Frame of Mind Coaching™, many of our clients report that they struggle to get it all done due to their lack of energy. They have such a massive to-do list that taking care of themselves and their relationships often slips through the cracks. Does that sound like you?
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