business obstacles


“Don’t fight bad things in your life, focus on good things.”

-David Long, Founder of SageTea Software

How to Overcome Business Obstacles


David Long is the CEO of SageTea Software, a custom computer software company that specializes in artificial intelligence. Their clients range from doctors to the Canadian Government. Listen as he and host Kim Ades discuss how to overcome business obstacles and create success.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

    • How David Long bounced back from setbacks.
    • The relationship between anger and sales.
    • How to create a plan that works.
    • How to ride the waves of business volatility.
    • How to coach your team.

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How Leaders Coach Their Teams Through Setbacks

Why Kim Started Coaching

David Long: I want to know why you got into coaching, and I’ll tell you the reason.  In my role, I am coaching everyone around me more and more and I want to know from an expert what drove you to go into coaching.

Kim Ades: Well, my story is interesting because I’m, let’s call it, a serial entrepreneur. Before I ran this company, I ran a different company, a software company as a matter of fact, and we used to build assessments. We built simulation-based assessments and the purpose of them was to help companies make better hiring decisions.

We collected a lot of data, and the data we were looking at was what differentiates a top performer from other people in a variety of industries. And we discovered something very interesting. We discovered that it didn’t matter what industry it was or what job position it was; the people who were more likely to succeed had a higher degree of emotional resilience, period, end of story. So what does that mean? What is emotional resilience?

Emotional resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity with greater speed and agility, and not only bounce back, but actually leverage the adversity and turn it into something good. Do something positive with it, turn it into a strategic advantage.

Overcoming Adversity and Launching FOM Coaching™

My life took some interesting turns. I owned the company with two other people; one of them was my ex-husband, and so life kind of took some interesting turns and twists along the way. I ended up selling that company and I got recruited by a coaching company. I thought, “Man, this is exactly for me.

This is perfect for my personality, my interests.” I had been studying leadership pretty much my whole life, and so this was an interesting fit for me.  But when I got there, I observed how they coached, and I thought, something doesn’t sit well with me about this. They had a model of accountability. We’re going to help you reach your goals by helping you create a plan and holding you accountable to that plan.

And something in me said, people know what to do by and large. That’s not the problem, they’re just not doing it. And they’re not doing it because something else is interfering with their ability to get it done. It has to do with their thinking. It has to do with their beliefs. It has to do with how they process what they’re experiencing.

It has to do with their confidence and how they see themselves in the world, and if I can look at their emotional resilience and help them build that, if I can help them look at their thinking and align their thinking with their outcomes, now we’re creating a powerful coaching experience, and really helping people lead amazing lives.

And of course, at the time, I was going through my own emotional turmoil. Divorce isn’t easy; it’s tough to do, I had two kids and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. So I did a lot of my own personal work, right? Just like you are talking about the way you do your personal work, well I’m one of those junkies. I do my own personal work.

And so I combined what I learned with my experience, my education, my background, and I came up with Frame of Mind Coaching™, where we exclusively look at how leaders think and we look at the relationship between their thinking and their outcomes. And we created a methodology for coaching that is extremely powerful and profound in terms of creating results very, very quickly. So that’s my story.

David Long:That’s an amazing story. Thank you for that.

Kim Ades: Yeah. I’m glad you asked. Nobody has ever asked that question on Resilience Radio, so I’m glad you asked it. Is there anything that you’re struggling with that perhaps I can help with?

David Long: I think that you helped me just with what you said. I was listening to that very closely, and I’m going to take what you said and apply it when it comes up in my business as I’m getting asked to be a coach too. So thank you for that.

How FOM Coaching™ Helps Leaders Overcome Setbacks

Kim Ades: One of the things that we do is we help leaders learn how to coach.  And we start off by coaching them so that they’re learning about themselves and how their thinking is impacting not only the business but their team members. And then we have a certification program where people come in and learn exactly how to coach and bring it back to their companies.

It’s a game-changer for them from a strategic standpoint because now, they’re speaking a different language in their companies, the culture changes, but now they’re able to take a person in front of them and really propel them forward quickly. So that’s what I’m excited about. That’s what we do with a lot of the people we coach and that’s where we want to end up.

But David, thank you so, so much for spending this time with me. It was interesting to hear your story, particularly the story of having failed and then deciding to get back on the horse. I don’t think that’s easy to do. I think that’s a very − not only an interesting experience, but one that we encourage a lot of people to do is get back on the horse; maybe not exactly the same horse, but get up and get back on the horse. So I really, really appreciate your time and the story you shared with us.

David Long: Thank you. I learned a lot. I’d say with me, you achieved your goal as a coach today. I feel like I’ve taken another step forward, and I feel validated just being on the show today. People listening to this, I hope if they even just get a bit of it and apply it, it’s going to turn out well, I’m sure of that.

Kim Ades: Yeah, but I think your messages is, hey, don’t give up.

David Long: No. Don’t give up. Keep going.

Kim Ades: Yeah. You don’t have time for that.

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