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Why Does This Gap in Potential Exist?


Your employees are tired, performing poorly, overwhelmed and frustrated. Productivity is dropping.  Each team member is backed up with a heavy load – one they do not have the bandwidth to execute effectively.  They work long hours and don’t seem to be making any progress. Your employees do not have the energy to keep going at the pace you and your business need. While you feel bad for the stress they are under, you still need more from them nonetheless.

Personal Distractions

Life happens, and it often interferes with the productivity of your team.  It’s not uncommon to hear about marital distress, parental health challenges, demands of children, financial burdens, home repairs, traffic, and basic exhaustion sapping the energy and focus from your employees. These issues follow them throughout their day, serving as distractions, reducing their ability to complete or even perform their tasks. Knowing that none of these issues are in your control only makes it more challenging. 


Every time you turn around, the drama in your organization seems to increase.  There is conflict amongst your managers and no one seems to have clear strategic direction.  Your employees are not functioning as a team and they seem to be spinning their wheels. The tension is super thick – you can cut it with a knife.  While you may be focused on results, the interactivity between your team is dysfunctional, severely derailing your vision.

Lack of Accountability

Companies are at their greatest when their people take pride and ownership in their work. In your work environment, you find that your employees are not inclined to take initiative or leadership responsibilities, and are even less inclined to take ownership of errors or slowdowns.  They frequently ‘pass the buck’ when it comes to accepting responsibility, blaming it on their team, or their leader/higher-ups. This affects not only productivity but morale and overall job satisfaction.

What is the FOM Coaching™ Corporate Program?

At Frame of Mind Coaching™, we believe that strong leaders are the backbone of the company. And their thinking is what makes them strong leaders.  Using weekly coaching calls and daily real-time journaling with our clients on our private, safe and secure online journaling platform, JournalEngine™, we work with leaders to ensure that their thinking is aligned with the corporate goals.  

Daily contact enables our coaching clients to move past their individual challenges with speed and agility, achieve their goals more rapidly, face adversity with greater confidence and find true success and happiness in all areas of their lives.   Based on surveys conducted regularly, our clients have experienced a 32% reduction in stress in just the first 10 weeks of coaching. 

They also report a 26% increase in satisfaction with their relationships and a 10% increase in their effectiveness as leaders.   Our corporate services are uniquely tailored to each individual corporation and corporate environment. Some of our services include: executive coaching, group coaching, coach training and certification, and workshops and retreats. Companies have a right to expect strong performance and results from their people. This starts with the thinking of your leaders and your employees. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Our Clients Include:

Your Company Is Successful Now, But It Has Not Nearly Reached It’s Potential!


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