“I discovered that my brother was taking money from the company without my knowledge, and it was over a million dollars.”

-Marc Schwartzberg, CEO of Office Furniture Heaven

Dealing with Conflict in a Family Business

Marc Schwartzberg, CEO of Office Furniture Heaven, discusses how he dealt with the discovery that one of his brothers was stealing money from the family business and what he learned from the experience. Listen for Kim’s perspective on dealing with business conflicts and family members.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to deal with business theft and other conflicts.
  • How to bounce back from bankruptcy.
  • How to build a mindset of discipline.
  • How to navigate business challenges with family members.

Throughout his 30+ years in the office furniture industry, Marc has been passionate about furnishing and creating comfortable, healthy and dynamic offices. He is focused on growing the company, fostering a collaborative team spirit among the staff and making customer satisfaction the company’s highest priority.

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