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Frame of Mind Coaching™ delivers an extensive coaching experience specifically designed to help executives, business owners, and senior leaders reach unprecedented results through the process of building mental awareness, strength, stamina, and resilience.

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Frame of Mind Coaching™ Testimonials

I was at a point in my business where I knew I needed help but had no clue what to do. By chance, I was invited to an event where I got to spend 3 hours with Kim. 35 minutes in, I was convinced this is exactly what I need in my life.

Kim has completely revolutionized the way I function. She has helped me become a better CEO, business owner, leader, friend, son, father, husband and overall human being. You cannot put a monetary value on Kim’s coaching. I genuinely believe I would be out of business or in a very dark place if it weren’t for Frame of Mind Coaching™. I recommend Kim to everybody I meet that I feel can benefit from her services.

Stanley Meytin

True Film Production

For many years I worked at a highly dysfunctional trade show company as the head of operations.  We experienced the typical corporate head-to-head combat between operations and sales, sales and marketing, marketing and operations.  Despite claims to the contrary, few could see past their own agendas and silos to see the others’ perspective, and petty interdepartmental competition was commonplace.
One weekend we were dragged. kicking and screaming, to a weekend retreat run by Kim Ades of Frame of Mind Coaching.  None of us believed anything could or would change.  We were ready to go through the motions and return to the office more dispirited having been made to slog though yet another corporate charade.
It was life changing. Kim helped us break down barriers, forced us through fun yet meaningful exercises that brought us greater understanding of each other as humans living with similar experiences of failure and success.  She taught us simple problem solving techniques that helped us work through issues in a blame free environment.
It seemed obvious afterwards, but the switch truly flipped after we’d been through FOM’s thoughtful and intense lessons in human dynamics, positive intent and cutting through the chatter to  understand and deal with root issues.
For me, it was one of the best professional experiences I’ve lived through.
We returned tight knit group, supportive of each other, ready to help one another reach common goals. Don’t get me wrong – there remained the bumps and obstacles that anyone working closely over long hours in high stress situations inevitably experiences. But Kim’s training turned a defensive group of cliques into a cohesive team, one of the most willing and supportive that I’ve experienced before or since.
I credit Kim and her style of human, insightful coaching with this feat.
Kristen Couchot

Kim has been a great instigator in turning my life around by changing the way I think and the way I see myself. Every weekly call and all the feedback I received on my journals has been about focusing on what I really want versus what I don’t want in my life in the areas of love, work, and family. Working with Kim has been like a drill, teaching me a new way to reach my dreams through a different frame of mind – all done with compassion, above average smarts, and exceptional coaching skills.
Michele Leduc


I am feeling more satisfied with myself and with my life. I feel that I have grown a lot over the past 9 weeks. Life is looking happier and more peaceful to me. I feel that I’m starting to take better care of myself and I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I think that I will be successful with whatever I choose to do with my future. This is a point of major growth.

Rebecca is an amazing coach and I feel blessed to have had to opportunity to get to know her. She’s helped me to see life very differently!

Alisa Smith


FOM Coaching has given me the insight, understanding and confidence to see things differently in my life and change my actions and reactions. I feel less stuck and scared. I have a clearer direction and plan for my future.
Elysa Greisman


Best ROI ever! Taylor guided me through the forest to the vast, open field of possibilities. I would not be where I am now without his focused, insightful questions and his genuine compassion. I am truly grateful for him and Kim’s process, for helping me feel ALIVE, rather than just living a life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Jodi Leandro

I know many others have already said this, but I love FOM because it has changed my life in ways I never imagined! And the exciting part is I’m not done. There’s always more to learn and grow from. This group is exceptional and outstanding in the areas of love and support!!
Tawni Maxwell

Waldo Insurance

This experience was absolutely a turning point in my life that I will never forget, a complete game-changer. The best part is that I use the tactics I learned every single moment now. I’ve embedded them in my second nature so quickly, to the point that I know this is not something that will go away. I really enjoyed every single journal I wrote, every comment I got to read, and most of all every call I had with my coach.
Jeff DeLoach

Property Solutions

The Frame of Mind Coaching™ program was literally life changing for me! It contained the right mix of prompts / feedback, and direct conversation with my coach that would unlock years of self-contempt and inner struggle. The journal prompts were difficult. They required that I look deep inside to discover the causes and conditions for the circumstances and difficulties in my life. Fortunately, that “difficult” work enabled me to pinpoint some specific, deeply ingrained, emotional hindrances that had been causing significant imbalance in my life. I was able to locate and confront the causes, let go of the negative habitual programing, forgive myself and others, and ultimately I found a deep appreciation, and general compassion for myself that I honestly have never felt before. I have had some similar but only temporary breakthroughs or wins during other times in my life. But soon after I would be back to my old habitual patterning of negative self-talk and destructive behaviors. My coach attentively and skillfully guided me through the FOM coaching process, and I truly believe it was this regular, personal contact with her, that was the key to having this new way of feeling more natural and comfortable than the old unconscious, pre-programmed, harmful ways. For the first time in my life I feel right at home and completely comfortable in my own skin. And, after 25 years of struggling, at varying degrees, with addiction, this is very unfamiliar territory. But so good! Words cannot begin to explain my gratitude!
Eric Bean

Looking back I see how fear filled I was. Today I see the past as a huge learning opportunity. The past, rather than to shrink back from, to be embraced as a pivotal point to thrust me forward. Every area of life has been opened to me in new and magical ways… how did that magic happen? In the first conversation with my coach, he forewarned me that magic would appear. The sceptic in me said, “I’m not sure about that.” Part of the joy is that this is a permanent change, not something unattainable or temporary, rather life long. I have been more encouraged over the past 14 weeks than I have been in the past ten years.
Dee McNamara

Before coming to Frame of Mind Coaching™, I was aware generally of my negative, toxic mindset, but had no idea how to get myself out of it. Through my excellent coach, I am now aware of new healthy perspectives on situations in my life. As a result, I am seeing a shift in my behaviors and attitudes. Life has become a curious, joy-filled experience instead of a fear-driven mess. I am uncluttering my thought life and my physical space, freeing myself to live in the moments of love and joy.
Kathy Key

Thank you. This has been life-changing.
Heidi Reimer-Epp

Botanical Paperworks

Prior to Frame of Mind Coaching™, I had levels of anxiety that were difficult to overcome. Through the professional, well thought out process my coach was able to guide me through this process and help extract some long held beliefs that really were not mine. In conjunction with this I learned the most effective way to overcome these issues once and for all. I never thought I would make it to this point. It is such a relief to be on this side of the whole experience.
Mark Joyce

When I started FOM Coaching™ I was looking to take my business and personal goals to the next level. Coaching gave me the opportunity to really focus on what I was thinking about and what was holding me back. I really enjoyed the journaling process. My coach would give me daily feedback and ask me to expand on what I’d written. That helped me to become aware of what was fact and what was fabricated. I’ll continue to use the journaling strategies I learned going forward. The weekly phone conversations I had with my coach were excellent, he helped me identify strengths I hadn’t noticed before, as well as areas that I thought needed more attention. He integrated some of his own personal and coaching experiences in our conversations, and those were very helpful for me. I feel I’ve addressed some of the thoughts that have been holding me back and know what to do to move forward. I also have some more tools to call upon when I need them to move forward in my life. I’m more confident about who I am and what I’m doing as a result of FOM Coaching.
Russell Salonen

Before FOM, I was in a place of panic and anxiety about failing. I was struggling with finding the balance between who I was and what I felt others were expecting from me. Through coaching, I found that most of this anxiety was in my own head – I had conjured up this idea of what others expected. I learned to release the pressure and apply love. I learned that my fear was holding me back from asking good questions and leaning in on life. I am now trading up my thoughts, getting curious, and choosing to show up, each day. This has made a massive difference in my work, my relationships, my family.
Alice Shade

Before coaching I was struggling with several key areas in my life in particular dealing with some significant personal relationships and trying to understand my behavior with regards to that. This was causing me a lot of emotional and physical stress and pain. From the beginning of journalling and being able to “dump dump and dump”some more my coach and I were able to identify some key patterns in my behavior and work through the process of reframing my life experiences. There is no way I could have done that alone , I knew that because I had tried before without results. I’m so grateful to my amazing coach and the FOM experience because now I get to create my life as I want it from a much healthier place.
Stuart Horton

I decided to work with a Frame of Mind coach to help me move forward in my business. I’d spent the year prior working with a business coach, but realized what was holding me back was not a lack of knowledge in what to do, but the confidence to actually go out and do it! In working with FOM, I’ve become much more aware of my limiting beliefs and fears that are holding me back. I wouldn’t say that I’m exactly where I want to be with my business just yet, but I do feel that I now have the mindsets and tools to continue making progress. I would recommend Frame of Mind Coaching™ to anyone who feels a bit stuck, dissatisfied, or like they aren’t living up to their full potential. My shift in mindset and attitude has been tremendous, and totally worth the investment of both time and money!
Micki Ring

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the Frame of Mind Coaching™ program in terms of how much progress I would make during the 9 months spent with it. But I have to say that I feel like I’ve made more progress in the areas that I’ve wanted to improve in than any therapy that I’ve done in the past few years. The difference has been that not only have I been able to identify the issues that have been holding me back, but actually now have some wonderful tools that I can use to overcome them. And even though sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day or it’s a chore to do them, the power of journaling in undeniable and something that I want to continue to do as often as I can!
Mark Marshall

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