Coaching is an investment in yourself and in your business, but what do you really get in return? The ROI of coaching may be greater than you think.

-Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™

The ROI of Frame of Mind Coaching

The average ROI that companies experience from coaching is 7 times the initial cost, while more than a quarter see an ROI of a whopping 10 to 49 times the initial cost. (Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre)

That said, not all coaching programs are created equal.

We can’t speak for other coaching companies – the results that their clients experience are varied. But we can certainly share the impact of our coaching on our clients.

As a result of going through the Frame of Mind Coaching™ program, our clients report tangible, visible results such as increased revenues, promotions, recruiting victories, new client acquisitions and better team performance. They also report a marked improvement in more personal goals such as marriage, weight-loss, travel, home purchases and even reduced blood pressure.

Our clients also experience improved essential results such as higher degrees of peacefulness, reduced stress, increased confidence, better relationships and significantly higher happiness.

We ask our clients to rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, how they are feeling in all areas of their lives, from their effectiveness as leaders, to their finances, to their personal and professional relationships. They do this prior to starting coaching, then they do it again 9 weeks into their 6 month coaching experience.

These are actual results that demonstrate the ROI of the FOM Coaching™ process:
(Grey = Before FOM Coaching™; Red = After FOM Coaching™)

Remember, these results are after just 9 weeks!

Our clients also share testimonials with us often, without even being prompted. Below are just a few samples of our testimonials.

An email one of our coaches received years after coaching this client:
It’s been years since we finished our last coaching conversation and yet the impact has not diminished. I recently listened to our first recorded call, and I was reminded how utterly lost I used to feel. I was drowning in a high-profile corporate leadership role. I knew I needed a change but couldn’t see how to do that. Once we connected, I decided I was worth “saving.” I jumped in head first and do not regret it. After only a few sessions, I could see more clearly, built a plan, worked it fearlessly and now, am experiencing my designed life. I hit all my goals, surpassed some, built my successors and changed to a position to do what I love every day, with my company’s support. Truly, the practice you helped me develop has sustained me. My view of the world and how I manage my experience was transformed. Those conversations in tandem with the journaling made the experience more efficient, and with my overwhelming responsibilities, effectiveness was imperative. I use the essence of my coaching experience every single day.

A post-coaching testimonial:
I was in a place in my business where I was trying all these things and it just wasn’t working. I didn’t think it was my tactics − I thought it was me. I also have two young kids, and felt that my business was taking over my life. Coaching really helped boost my self-confidence and helped me identify what is most valuable to me and how to be my authentic self. It really gave me a handle on my business and how I spend my time. I’m right on track and my profits have almost doubled. It’s also been a lot more pleasurable. I’ve had a steady stream of incoming prospects, and I had never had that before.

A journal one of our clients shared in the middle of her coaching journey:
I’m really enjoying this process and there are a few things I’ve noticed myself saying either to myself or others. I’ve caught myself reminding people of what they can and cannot control, which surprisingly has helped to stop the whining when someone is just complaining to complain. At the same time, it has helped to switch the focus from problems to solutions. And the more I say it, the more I believe it. It’s great! In a career development session with my superintendent, I actually used “What You Focus On Grows” when talking about a challenging relationship between him and a peer. But more significantly, I have caught myself thinking, “Is this helping me?” when I’m starting to get frustrated about something out of my control or with my kids. It might seem small, but it feels big, it feels like progress and I’m really happy about that.


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